Your iPhone running hot? Here is how to fix it

Your iPhone running hot? Here is how to fix it

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your iPhone feels warm to the touch? If you have, believe me that you are not the only one. It’s not a common issue, but we have heard a lot of stories regarding overheating iPhones recently.
iPhone running hot can lead to a significant drop in overall performance and battery. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can follow to cool down your iPhone and improve performance.
In this tutorial, we will walk you through some tips to fix iPhone running hot issue. Before we begin, note that if you have just updated your iOS device to the latest version of iOS 10 and your device is now running hot, don’t worry because it will return to normal temperature over time. If not, make sure that you read on.

  1. Quit Apps

There are times when apps on your device run at an excessively high CPU usage, leading to iPhone running hot issue. So, it’s best that you quit apps that are now using high CPU usage. Here is how.
Step one: First off, you have to double-tap on the Home button to open up the multitasking switcher on your device
Step two: You simply need to locate the apps you wish to quit and swipe up on each of them to terminate them. If you are not sure which app is the problem, we recommend you close all apps running in the background. After, wait a moment to see if your iPhone starts to cool down. If not, read on.

  1. Update apps

Updates are necessary to make sure that your apps are in line with improvements. If the above solution doesn’t work for you, updating your apps sometimes can fix the issue. Here is how you can do that.
Step one: You have to launch App Store from your home screen and head to App Updates
Step two: Finally, select “Update All
Wait a few minutes until the update process is finished. After that, check if the issue has been remedied.

  1. Update iOS

The most common reason an iPhone gets hot comes from software. If this is your issue, updating iOS may do the trick. Here is how. Make sure that you have your iPhone backed up to iCloud or iTunes before proceeding.
Step one:  Launch the Settings app from your home screen, head to General and select “Software Update
Step two: Download and install any updates available on your device

  1. Reset all iPhone settings

If the above solutions don’t work for you, resetting your iPhone settings can be helpful. However, note that the process is different than resetting your device to the factory state.
Step one: Launch the Settings app, scroll down a little bit and tap General
Step two: Finally, select Reset and choose Reset All Settings

  1. Backup and Restore

Step one: To back up your iPhone to iCloud, you simply need to head to Setting, select iCloud and tap Backup. After that, all you need to do is to choose Backup Now. To back up your device to iTunes, you have to connect your iPhone to computer, launch iTunes and choose Backup
Step two: Once the process is finished, you now need to connect your iPhone to computer with iTunes and choose “Restore”
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Let us know if any of the above solutions works for you in the comments below.

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