Wearable shipments to see a 25 percent rise in 2019, Say Experts

Apple now dominates the smartwatch market with more than 60 percent share. The Cupertino firm is shipping more smartwatches than any other manufacturer out there. Reports claim that the Apple Watch with LTE now is the best-selling wearable out there. In the second quarter of the year, Apple sold 5 million smartwatch units, beating out Samsung and Sony. Sources say that there are no specific competing devices out there, but things will change in the coming months.

According to tech experts, the smartwatch market will get a boost in 2019 when big names release their new devices. Specifically, wearable shipments will mark a 25 percent rise compared to this year and consumers will spend around $42 billion on smartwatches. Sources say that Apple Watch 4 will see a strong growth in sales thanks to its exciting features and changes. Fitbit has been showing signs of strong sales in recent years. The American firm is best known for its health and fitness tracking devices. Reports say that Fitbit will launch a new lineup of smartwatches next year to take on the Apple Watch 4. The new Watch will feature a built-in GPS, making it a perfect companion on the go.

Samsung is also believed to launch the next generation Gear smartwatch next year. The Gear series is falling behind the Apple Watch on the market, and Samsung needs something to boost its smartwatch sales next year. Sources say that Samsung is expecting to ship 10 million smartwatch units next year. In reality, wearable shipments are expected to hit 178.91 million units. The Chinese firms like Xiaomi or Huawei are reportedly working on their new smartwatches and will launch them next year. Huawei-branded smartwatches started to gain their popularity on the market with millions of units shipped.

Sources say that Apple has been working on the next generation Apple Watch with tons of changes. All 2019 Apple Watch units will feature LTE connectivity at launch as the demand for cellular-enabled smartwatches are rising on the market. Apple’s main rival, Samsung is expected to launch the Gear S4 next year. Last year, the South Korean firm announced the Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro and it seems that Samsung needs more time to work on the Gear S4.

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