Unlock iPhone 7 – How to do that?

Unlock iPhone 7 – How to do that?

*Update 17 September 2016*

So iPhone 7 and 7 plus have officially been released. Every rumor came true and the iPhone 7 unlocking services are really working perfectly! Enjoy it 😉

Some rumors about iPhone 7

It’s about 2 weeks before Apple officially release the new iPhone 7. This new one is excepted with some features like Water resistant, physical home button removed, better performance, better camera quality…
Some rumors even show us the leaked images of the new iPhone but till now, we can’t make sure what rumors will become the real. But I think that it’ll be an awesome iPhone and you may need to save your money from now for it 😉

[Tip] How to get a brand new iPhone 7 with cheaper price?

We all know that it’s quite expensive if buying an iPhone without a carrier contract. And that’s clear if you buy a SIM-Locked iPhone with a carrier contract (AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile…) it’ll be much more cheaper then. They’ll allow you to pay monthly instead of pay all at once.
But the restriction is: You won’t be able to use the iPhone 7 with other carriers, and if you wanna bring your iPhone for traveling, your iPhone won’t work!
That’s what I’m gonna talk about, the question is: Is that possible to unlock a new iPhone 7?
The answer is: Yes! Just keep reading.

What is “iPhone Unlocking”?

Easily understand it as Your iPhone is SIM-locked and it just works with one or a few carriers/networks. Now you want to unlock the iPhone to use it with any carrier from anywhere!
Please note that I’m talking about SIM unlocking, not iCloud unlocking.

Some methods to unlock an iPhone

Actually, there are only two methods will work. But I’ll show you all the methods which you may see on the internet, some of them are scams, so please be aware.

1. Software unlocking (Stop working from iOS 5)

This method actually worked in past but it is no longer working from iOS 5 and higher. So please be aware if any website trying to sell you software to unlock your iPhone because it’s totally a scam.

2. Hardware unlocking (Not recommended)

I’m not sure but I heard from someone saying that it’s possible to unlock an iPhone by intervention into iPhone hardware. But it’ll definitely void Apple warranty and it’s high-risk method. Another hand, if you’re not an expert, you can’t do that.

3. Unlock iPhone using Gevey SIM (Quite good)

This method is cheap, safe and quick, I’ll talk in detail about it below. You can instantly unlock your iPhone to use with all SIM cards. But there are some restriction of this method.

  1. Your iPhone is just temporarily unlocked
  2. Your iPhone may not works stably (Low signal or sometime even can’t reach to any signal)
  3. Some features may not work properly such as Facetime, iMessenger, Personal Hotspot, etc.
  4. If any damage, Apple may refuse to cover your iPhone because you injected an unaccepted component to your iPhone

Now let’s back talking about Gevey SIM, what is it?
Below is an image of Gevey SIM which will let you understand how does it work.

Unlock iPhone 7 using Gevey SIM
Unlock iPhone 7 using Gevey SIM
You got it? Just simply put your real SIM on the Gevey SIM and insert them to your iPhone, and your iPhone will think that you’re using a valid SIM card. But as I wrote above, this is not the best way as there are some restrictions.
Let’s continue reading to see the next method, which is the best one.

4. Unlock iPhone 7 using “Official Method” (The best)

Firstly, you have to understand why your iPhone is locked. In your carrier database, your iPhone IMEI number (dialing *#06# to get it) is listed as some statuses such as SIM-Locked, SIM-Unlocked, Blacklisted… Every time you active your iPhone or connect to the internet, the iPhone will automatically send a checking request to your carrier server, if carrier server reply with status is “SIM-Locked” or “Blacklisted”, then your iPhone will automatically lock itself.
That’s why we can’t unlock use software because the iPhone will re-check and re-lock itself. So what’s the solution now? The answer is: Whitelisting your IMEI number from the carrier database.
You can try to your carrier by yourself to ask for help. Some carriers support you to unlock your iPhone if you want to travel somewhere outside the country, but some don’t. Especially if you didn’t pay the bills or your iPhone is blacklisted, it’s totally impossible!
In that case, we have to use a 3rd party service. Everything you have to do is just provide them with your iPhone IMEI number and pay them some money and wait for their works.
You may see a ton of websites out there offering “official iPhone unlocking services” but please be aware, we don’t know who’s real and who’s fake. In this article, I’ll recommend 2 providers which are the best and verified (tested).

  1. The first one is, the most famous company in the market nowadays. Visit the link below:

    Unlock iPhone 7 (plus) page

  2. The second one is: a company from 2007 which is also trustworthy

How to unlock an iPhone 7, 7 plus using 3rd party service?

I’ve just suggested you 2 companies offering official unlocking method. Actually, you can go ahead and place your order easily. But if you’re still not sure what to do next, so just keep reading.

Steps to unlock an iPhone using 3rd party service

  1. Get your IMEI number by dialing *#06#, if the iPhone isn’t activated, go to the first activation screen and tap to the little “i” icon
  2. Go to the provider website, select your network and your iPhone model, then enter your IMEI number and continue to the payment page (some services are free)
  3. It’s almost done! If you completed your payment, there is nothing to do next, just keep waiting for their email. Once you got the email about “Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked”, so just simply connect your iPhone to iTunes and it’ll be unlocked automatically!

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