All Compatible Tweaks for Cydia iOS 9

All Compatible Tweaks for Cydia iOS 9

After a very long wait, all the users who have been updated their iPad or iPhone to iOS 9 can now install Cydia Tweaks in their device.
In September, there were no Tweaks that were compatible with iOS. But now there are many Tweaks that are consistent with the iOS.

Here we will discuss list of Cydia Tweaks compatible with iOS 9.

There is a good and bad news regarding the Cydia iOS 9 Tweaks. The good news is Cydia substrate has been upgraded, and bad news is our favorite Tweaks in this version are not available for our mobile device. Software developers are working on their applications and Tweaks for iOS. There are some developers who have created a list of compatible tweaks for Cydia iOS 9. In which some highlighted Tweaks are as follows:-

  1. iFile: This is a very popular Cydia Tweak, which allows us to manage files via SSH. This Cydia Tweak is used to modify and decompress the files.
  2. Anchor: This Tweak is used to change the spacing between app icons. The icons that are displayed on the home screen, we can transform their space with the help of this Tweak.
  3. PDANet: This is a very popular Tweak. This Tweak is used to turn our iPhone into a WiFi point. With the help of this Tweak, we can share internet access with different devices.
  4. Phantom: This is a controversial Tweak. If we want to customize our message application, then we use a Tweak named as Phantom for snap chat. With the help of this Tweak, we can change the limit of text.
  5. OpenSSH: This Tweak is called remote security system that is used as security purpose. With the help of this Tweak we can access a file system via WiFi
  6. TetherMe: This Tweak is used to share the internet from one device to another device. This Tweak works like PDANet.
  7. SwipeSelection: To select the text much faster we use this Tweak. This feature is already presented in the latest version of iPhone and iPad.

As we know, it took a long time to enable the jailbreak publicly. But now it has enabled, and Pangu can install the jailbreak in your iOS device. Do you want to install jailbreak in your device? According to you which Tweak is compatible with iOS 9? Give us the feedback with the comment section below.We are happy to listen from you. Thank You.

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