Trial Xtreme 3 iPad Game Review

Trial Xtreme 3 iPad Game Review

Are you a Biker? Or loves to drive then, Try Trial Xtreme 3 for iOS and iPad.

Trial Xtreme 3 iPad Game Review





+ The ability to organize competitions with online and offline players.

- Having to pay for the discovery of new levels hype.


Very Good

Are you a big fan of off-road racing or waiting for the race on a motorcycle with a lot of obstacles, compete with friends and gameplay based on physics. And if that’s not enough, you meet the incredible 96 tracks in five different locations – try to pass them all, if you have the passion, of course! Then Trial Xtreme 3 is a perfect choice for you.

To begin with, you will be required to select and create the bike-rider protagonist at its discretion. A special selection techniques do not promise, as to earn money you have not had, and all the bikes, but one paid, and they cost a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to make money to grab those extreme rides.

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Each track “rejoice” you with new obstacles, simple and not very standard, like ramps, and dangerous, like fragments of pipes. You will need to go the whole route, overcoming obstacles, and keep your bike as well as bikers own life. To do this, try to control the bike gently and without undue haste, or attempting to pass the victory line in the minimum time possible. If you failed or want to improve your previous score then, you could only turn your bike at the next hurdle, and then have to go through the whole track again.

Management – Control options in Trial Xtreme 3 for iPad

In Trial Xtreme 3 you will also be able to choose at their discretion – either you control the bike with the help of the accelerator by tilting the device left-right or touch buttons, traced on the screen. Which way would be more convenient – you have to decide, so the “stuffed” a couple of cones, you will understand exactly what is best for you – a button or the accelerator.

Functionality of Trial Xtreme 3 iPad


In this game, the authors have implemented an interesting feature: you can cause (Rise to an Action) your friends to compete via an account in the social network Facebook, as well as to continue the competition for the passage runs, even if your friends are offline. For this, you can send them an invitation. It is also possible to pick up for the competition of players around the world and into the global rankings of the best riders and stuntman.


With all of these crazy options and feature, TX3 comes up with some joyless nuances associated mainly with the given support and advertising. Some of the levels are chargeable which only works when you pay for them ]BUMMER[, and advertising still there which prevents play, and the biggest of all as an Internet connection is required for gameplay. So, you will not be able to get rid of advertising, simply by turning off WiFi.

Final Words Trial Xtreme 3 for iPad

[highlight]Everything else in this game is not so, satisfactory – it concerns the quality of graphic design and voice. Levels and obstacles in Trial Xtreme 3 are quite diverse, with sharp fine details and textures of objects, and the sound of the motorbike. To overcome their obstacles the bike may fall from the heights (sometimes successful, sometimes not) – it all seems very natural, making the player a real sense of presence on the motor track.[/highlight]


Thus, the name of this game was justified. It is really quite extreme and adrenaline for those gamers who can not imagine themselves without the thrill of the drive and which gives the race with obstacles, even if the race – virtual.

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