Top 5 Strategy games for iOS

Top 5 Strategy games for iOS

Many people are searching best RPG games for daily entertainment but there have not been suitable games. Please refer my post to choose best games for you.

  1. Templar Battleforce

Templar Battleforce is a perfect mixture game of two addictive genres: RPG and Arcade.
Coming into Leviathan land, you must use your brain, your strategy to lead Templar knights to plunge into fierce battles against the Xenos.
     2.   XCOM: Enemy Within:  
In the Strategy game for iOS , we cannot help but mention XCOM: Enemy Within- official expansion pack XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In this game, you will be a cyborg warrior with unique strategies, alongside teammates against aliens preparing to attack the Earth.
    3.    Banner Saga
Banner Saga is a kind of RPG game with fascinating gameplay that is mixed by a turn-based strategy game inspired from the well-known titles such as Final Fantasy and Shining Force.
In Banner Saga, talks based on player’s choice are particularly appreciated. Along with the involvement of members of Bioware-the development team game behind the success of the popular RPG series like: Dragon Age or Mass Effect
     4.     Warbits
Warbits is a turn-based strategy game for iOS. Bright graphics, along with two modes: single play and online, 40 maps with numerous pitfalls, characters and defensive weapons will bring for you a new experience.
The game context takes place in the future where humankind’s disputes are resolved by the battle simulation program through virtual reality. In this fierce battlefield, you must lead your army to battle with the factions, other players in order to protect your territory.
       5.    Rymdkapsel
However simple the graphic is, many people are attracted with missions repelling the attacks of invaders.
At first, players will feel difficult because the enemy equipped with defense systems is extremely diverse. Nevertheless, the more you play, the more addictive you are.

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