Top 5 iPad apps that can take full advantage of Apple Pencil

Top 5 iPad apps that can take full advantage of Apple Pencil

The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is the largest iPad that Apple has ever made so far. One of the selling points of the Apple’s new iPad Pro is the Apple Pencil. App developers have been trying to create many useful apps that can make the most of the Apple Pencil.
We offer you 5 best apps that utilize the Apple Pencil’s talents to the max.

  • 1. uMake

uMake is considered to be one of the best free 3D design apps on the Apple’s app store. uMake makes it easier for designers or artists to bring their ideas into 3D. With uMake, you can sketch out your design in 2D, and you can alter the 3D rendering to meet your exact specifications.
Besides, you can add your images uploaded from your library to diversify your design. Noticeably, uMake now features Polar Array tool, which allows you to create shapes and beautiful circular designs. When finished, you can export your design to OBJ, STEP and IGES formats.

  • 2. Procreate

Procreate is one of the most professional drawing apps for designers. The app works perfectly with the Apple Pencil. The app offers a full set of drawing tools, allowing you to create beautiful sketches, stunning illustrations and amazing paintings. Besides, the app includes 128 brushes and advanced layer system and  ground-breaking canvas resolution.

  • 3. Evernote

Evernote is among the most used apps on mobile devices, and the app is a perfect tool for taking notes and drawing. You can easily write your notes, quickly sketch a diagram or even perform multitasking using Apple Pencil. Besides, you can discuss and share your notes with other thanks to its cross-platform availability.

  • 4. Notability

According to Apple, Notability is one of the must – have apps on your iPad Pro. Notability is a perfect tool for students, teachers and business professionals to take notes, sketch ideas and annotate PDF files. Besides, you can record lectures and provide audio feedback easily.
The new app update enhances its connection with the Apple Pencil, giving you the most responsive and precise wring experience ever. One of the selling points of Notability is its iCloud sync capabilities. All of your notes will be synced to iPad, iPhone and Mac. Besides, you can back up your notes in PDF format using Drop Box, Google Drive, and Box.

  • 5. Adobe Comp CC

With Comp CC, you can quickly capture, edit and create shapes, notes and pictures. The app can be used with Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC hay InDesign CC. The app now better supports iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

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