Top 10 iOS 9 Apps  for Multitasking

Top 10 iOS 9 Apps for Multitasking

Today we will discuss ten useful applications for iPad and iPhone, which are user-friendly or we can say well suited with iOS9 multitasking. Although there are non-stop updates coming in the app store that are compatible with iOS 9. But, we’re going to discuss only ten of the most amazing application here.
Ten applications that are compatible with iOS 9 (iPhone or iPad) Multitasking:
1) Zattoo Live TV:
This is an ideal application to watch TV while we are using other applications. It is compatible, or we can say friendly with iOS 9 multitasking. This application is used to view the online TV from iPad and iPhone. Although there is a shortage of TV channels in this app. But, for multitasking purpose, it is an amazing app.
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2) Slack:
Slack is an application that is used for communication with co-workers. This is an app for messaging & conversation. This is a multitasking app for iPad and iPhone.
3) Twitch:
This app is also user-friendly with iOS 9. This app is used for streaming video games in iPad or iPhone that support multitasking. With the help of picture-in-picture or broadcast, we can see the games while using other application.
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4) Skype:
This is again a messaging app that is used for communication. With this application, we can do video chat with the Skype user. This iOS 9 apps is also compatible with the multitasking.
5) Trello:
This iOS9 app is called productivity app. This app is used to organize and manage projects with the help of cards and tables. This is a great multitasking application in the field of productivity.
6) Twitter:
This is a social application that uses the split view feature. It became more dynamic by using a feature picture-in-picture. It gives a view of multitasking in iOS 9 apps.
7) Messenger:
The Facebook messaging app is an example of the messenger. Although this app supports only slide over functionality but still it is an amazing and most popular app.
8) Aviary:
This is a photo editor app that consist many feature, colours, and modes. With the help of multitasking, we can chat, watch a movie and play games while renovating our pictures to Instagram.
9) iWork Suite:
There are three applications that make the iWork suit. These three applications are “numbers, keynote, and pages”. This app consists both the feature: split view and slide over. Hence, this is a great multitasking app which compatible with iOS 9.
10) Puffin:
Puffin is a web browser application. This app is used to play flash games while doing other activity. With this app, we can interact with Flash content. This is a multitasking app within the category of iOS 9 apps.
So this is it from our side, if you have any other app which we missed out then please get back to us & we will surely add it to our article for “Top 10 iOS 9 Apps  for Multitasking“. We  are waiting for your responses. Thank You.

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