This jailbreak tweak (DisplayWeather 10) adds Weather info on Lock Screen and Notification Center

With iOS 10, Apple has completely revamped the lock screen. The classic Slide to Unlock feature has been removed. Instead, there is a now a Widget screen with calendar, weather, events and news, which can be accessed by swiping right on the screen. Despite these improvements, there are reasons to still jailbreak your iPhone.


If you are now using a jailbroken iPhone, you can do more on lock screen and notification center besides adding more widgets. There is a jailbreak tweak called DisplayWeather 10 that brings more to iOS 10 locks screen and notification center.

Basically, the jailbreak tweak displays the current weather condition of your city right on your lock screen and notification center. Once you have installed the tweak on your device, it is added to the top left corner of the widgets screen on the lock screen and notification center. From here, you can check the current temperature along with the weather condition of your city.

To use this feature, you need to activate Location Service to find out where you live, so it will display the current weather condition such as rain, snow, sunny and more. However, one of the most annoying things when it comes to DisplayWeather 10 is that the weather information is displayed on the lock screen rather than the main page, meaning that you need to swipe right on the lock screen to access Weather information.

Despite some limitations, DisplayWeather 10 is now one of the best choices if you want to expand the functionality of Apple’s stock weather app.

If you want to add widgets to the Today View, all you have to do is to 3D Touch the apps’ icon to bring up Quick Actions and tap Add Widget in the top-right corner of the screen. Once you are done, the widget will be added to the top of the Today view.

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