IOS 13: Everything you need to know!

Apple has officially released the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 13, on June 3 at the keynote event of the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference. Although iOS 13 is not a changeable update about the interface, it is a huge overhaul to iOS, with a long list of new features that could change the way you use your device.
There are some major new features in iOS 13 that you should know about.


Thanks to some notable performance improvements on iOS 13, the operating system on iOS devices becomes faster and smoother. Apple also proved that apps in iOS 13 launch about twice as fast in day-to-day use over iOS 12 version, which could be a seriously notable improvement for everyone. Besides, apps are 50 percent smaller in size when you first download them, while updates will be 60 percent smaller on average.


IOS 13 generally doesn’t have much change update about the interface compared to the old version, but with one major exception: a new systemwide Dark Mode option that’s an alternative to the standard Light Mode that Apple had on iOS devices for years.

Dark Mode changes the total look of the operating system from bright white and light grey to black and dark gray on all supported apps. And you can turn Dark Mode in the Settings app, and there’s also an option to schedule Dark Mode to turn on and off on a customized schedule or at sunrise based on your local time.
Dark Mode is really a wonderful feature when you’re using your iPhone at night and want to avoid bright white hues. Also, it can save battery if your phone has an OLED screen, which can switch off individual pixels when displaying black.


Apple in iOS 13 has continued on with Maps improvements started in iOS 12 and includes much more detailed maps and realistic details. Apple also said that The U.S. should be done by the end of this year, Canada and some other countries in 2020, and then onward to everywhere they can safely, legally map.

And with iOS 13, Apple introduces a view of the street called Look Around that offers a 3D experience while checking out a place, which is Apple’s equivalent to Google’s Street View. Look Around in the main Apple Maps view can be used wherever a pair of binoculars are shown and you can share your estimated time of arrival with your loved ones as well.

Camera and photos

Apple is bringing a number of big improvements are coming to the iPhone’s Camera and Photos apps.

First, there’s a new High- Key Mono Portrait Lighting effect that makes the user pull back the intensity of effects for a more subtle, refined look by moving lights closer and farther from subjects.

This is the first time iOS will let users edit videos as well by using some adjustments such as Brilliance, Highlights, Shadows, Contrast, Saturation, Auto enhance, Vibrance, White Balance, Sharpen, Definition, Vignette, and Noise Reduction.

The Photos app in iOS 13 will automatically remove any duplicate photos and delete clutter like screenshots or receipts. Besides, photos in iOS 13 will also intelligently organize your photos by days, months, years in order to reduce clutter within the Photos app.

Siri gets a new voice

Siri has an updated voice that’s designed to sound more natural, especially while speaking longer sentences, thanks to neural TTS. And now, Siri will only play music only from Apple services like Apple Music and iTunes-and nothing else. However, the Sirikit API is available to third-party app developers, so soon you will be able to ask Siri to play music podcasts, audiobooks, and radio content.
iOS 13 is currently in developer beta. It’ll come too public beta in early July and ship sometime this September.

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