Snapchat launches universal search feature for iOS

Snapchat grew very fast in the five years of existence. Snapchat has quickly emerged as one of the most used image messaging services in the world. Last year, Snapchat reached 10 billion daily video views and almost 10 million daily active users in the UK. Snapchat has been putting updates recently to expand upon functionality it currently presents in an attempt to compete directly with Facebook in the market.


Snapchat today announced that it will bring a new search functionality to its iOS app. The new feature allows you to quickly find content to explore within the app and new users to add as friends, thereby solving the most annoying issues with using the Snapchat app. According to Snapchat, the new feature is designed for speed, allowing you to locate quickly what you are now after and keep snapping.

You can access the new search interface by tapping the new search bar at the top of camera interface within the app. Once you are in, you will be presented with the option to chat with most frequent friends and groups. Besides, you can also view new friends, quickly add friends and look for your favorite content within the app.

The new feature also lets you search for daily editions of Discover Channels and Our Stories right within the search interface. You can open up someone else’s overview of their profile by simply tapping and holding on their card. Tapping someone’s card means that you will commence a chat with them and tapping the story preview icon will open up their public story

Aside from the new search feature, Snapchat is finally opening up its Our Stories to all users. Previously, Our Stories was restricted to subscribers of the service. For those who may not know, Our Stories is Snapchat’s curated and themed slideshows for holidays, events, and places across the globe.

The new search feature serves as a great update for Snapchat, which has long been criticized for making it too hard to find new accounts or content to follow due to its lack of suggestions and recommended user list.

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