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Shooting game plus adventure genre plus planes. A perfect combination for an insane game. Check out Sine Mora Review for iPad

Sine Mora – game, regenerating dark side shooters or shoot’em up, but that is still a bit different from the standard representatives of the genre. It contains a well thought-depth story – only the problem is that to grasp it is not so easy. The fact that the texts with explanations, present at every level, made up of incomprehensible and confuse even more.


In this game, you will control the actions of a few pilots, each of which performs intricate storyline role. Their motivation is not always clear, but the goal is always the same: shoot and kill. You will have to make their way through waves of enemies and balls of plasma, shooting along the way everything that moves. Since the action in this game takes place on time, then you will have to renew its existing stock of killing enemies.

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This extends the length of time allotted to you to the next checkpoint before reaching that can be saved. What’s interesting is that your aircrafts are no status pointer, so getting them will not cause much damage. Thus, the fight is only against the enemies and eventually. All the rest of the gameplay Sine Mora is pretty standard, as well as its management.


The screen shows the joystick to move your airship, as well as buttons for regular shooting and bursts. These buttons are a bit small, so deal with them is not always convenient. Also, to control your ship maneuvers will be difficult – control accuracy is poor. This does not affect the passage until you find yourself at a higher level, where the problems are more complicated as compared to the initial levels.

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But at the same time, the shortcomings of small buttons are offset by the fact that they are located on a separate strip from the screen. So, during the game gamer will not have to hide themselves review their hands, as is the case in many games.


But in the complexity of the Sine Mora there is no doubt: in front of you there is a real hardcore shooter. Mastering it will not be so easy, as even its standard level forces the player to experience, to what extent is difficult to reflect all the new waves of enemies under the ticking timer. The second level of complexity is probably not suitable for beginners so that it can be recommended unless the veteran game-shooters.


The main weapon, which is equipped with your aircraft, can be upgraded, and additional upgrade is not affected, but, on the other hand, it can be used against the most dangerous opponents. The only thing worth considering – is that you can use it only for a limited number of times. You will be available as an individual capsule, allowing to slow down time and power-ups that give special features.


The main thing in Sine Mora is a story mode. But, if the players are not enough, in the menu there is an arcade mode, training mode of attack and with the bosses – in short, lack of options. Concerning the points, they accrued on the number of enemies killed, and if you type a large enough number of them, then get into the list of world leaders.

Externally, the game looks very carefully and accurately implemented; it contains elements of both futuristic and aesthetic style of the Second World War. Her schedule 2.5 D surprising accuracy and realism.
This shooter entice many gamers, fans of hard speed gameplay, but those who are not too experienced in the genre of shoot’em up Sine Mora seems too difficult to pass.
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Sine Mora Review

Sine Mora Review iPad





+ Aesthetic visual style, non-standard game system for a while.

- Complexity of gameplay (at least for the average player), vague description of the plot.


Very Good

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