How to Setup Parental Control for iPad

How to setup Restrictions aka Parental control on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch?

Normally Apple devices are personal products and when we buy one, gorged own information, such as photos, contacts, email, etc. But there is a possibility that our data could leak, especially if we let other people in the house using our device, whether children or not so young.

And you maybe thinking is there any Parental control for iPad or iPhone?

Let’s see how to setup configure parental control on an iPad, because we assume that it’s the device that can be shared at home. Kids will love playing with it and there are plenty of apps and games for them. Also you could see “what were the best apps for kids” and parents could restrict according to their best.

What is Parental Control?


iOS Parental control for iphone and ipad is a very important function that creates a safety barrier in our iPad by which you can control important issues such as the settings of your email, cannot buy applications in the App Store or better still, no one can erase an app or game without your permission, etc. Parental Controls will allow you to control what kind of places they get when our children walk alone with the iPad. And it is not good to make extended use of the tablet, but when used, it is best to know where they get.

How to Set up Restrictions on iPhone, iPad?

As we have already mentioned, from our iPhone we can choose what things others can do when we are not in front of our device, it is best to create a key. In a very short summary, we could say that we will be the ones who will have the last word on our iPad. Let’s see where you can set these restrictions.

The first thing we must do is go into Settings -> General -> Restrictions


Then we just activate restrictions that appears in blue. Just activate the iPad, then it will ask for a code that will be our key to toggle options.

  • You will find that all buttons have been activated, your iPad is in “use what you want”.
  • Choose from whole list of what you want to restrict.

Remember, it’s not that you cannot access, you need the code that is previously put to perform restricted actions.

Let’s see how to configure the parental control for children that you can do on your iPad, or at least will advise on certain specific points:-

  1. Talking about Safari: children need not browse the Internet to play and enjoy their apps so restrict this option.
  2. Nor it is advisable to leave children free to install, remove or purchase applications or games so turn off this option.
  3. iTunes Store:Also disable the option to enter the iTunes Store and iBooks Store, as it’s better to get no surprises whatsoever.

Search for “allow changes”, and cancel any modification in your email accounts. In addition to the normal control of applications, it is will be very useful to look at the “Privacy section” also, the more limits you put on your accounts, less problems you will face later. After a good parental control setting on your iPad, you will breathe much calmer when little kids caught your tablet and put all playing at once.

So this article is about the parental control over your idevices so that you can restrict the access on your device from others or children. I hope that this information is relevant to you & if not then please share your views and thoughts from the comment section below. Waiting for your reply…Thank you.

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