Planning to buy a used iPhone or iPad? Here is how to check Activation Lock status

Planning to buy a used iPhone or iPad? Here is how to check Activation Lock status

Apple has recently removed its Activation Lock Status checker from its website, meaning that buyers will not be able to find out if their device is secured with Activation Lock. Besides, Cupertino-based Company has given no explanation as to why the tool was removed from its website.
The Activation Lock website was specifically designed to help buyers avoid purchasing a device locked to another user. In other words, the tool used an iPhone’s serial number or IMEI to determine its Activation Lock status.
According to Apple, it is best that customers check a used iPhone being purchased carefully; make sure that the device has been erased completely and it is now not linked to the previous owner’s account before moving ahead. However, this procedure proves ineffective, as it is only applied when two people meet in person.
To erase an iPhone, you simply need to head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Contents and Settings. If you are still asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password after the setup process, this means that the device is still linked to another user’s account.

You may be wondering how you now can check for Activation Lock before purchasing a used iPhone. In reality, there is a simple way you can use to check an iPhone status without ever needing to turn the device on and slide to unlock, which is to visit proves to be the best Activation Lock status checker at the moment, as it is fast and accurate. If it’s an online purchase, you can ask for the IMEI number and head to to check if the device is stolen or not.

How to check Activation Lock status for iPhone and iPad

To check Activation Lock Status of an iPhone, head to> Enter your IMEI number (dial *#06# to get IMEI number). Once you are done, the system will automatically check your IMEI number and display the results in a pop-up menu. If the activation lock (Find My iPhone) is now ON, this means that the device is still linked with the previous owner’s account. There is no word on when Apple will provide its new Activation Lock website for users, but if you are looking for a simple and effective method to check iPhone and iPad activation lock status, should be the best for now.

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