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Most likely, each of you remembers those times when cover-and-fire Mechanics in third-person shooter only in its infancy. Despite the fact that it is relatively recent, it is now the user has become accustomed to this kind of product and when they become scarce, the market for mobile games and even noticeably thinning.


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On consoles and personal computers, cover-and-fire nowadays is used everywhere where something like the central part of the gameplay, where something like a side. Crane Bells Studios well for his new creation chose the first option. That been said that if this kind of games you do not like, unfortunately, does not like Overkill and 3.

Gameplay – Overkill 3 iPad

The game consists of moving from point to point. After taking control, you need to, because of its new shelter, a wave of enemies will arrive and you have to shoot and then recharged again and did the same way. It helps in diversifies the gameplay, such as mission, with a static machine gun. Your task will be to open fire on the enemy and not let him come up to you on the health hazards distance.

It all sounds quite driving, however, in reality, 99% of the gameplay is like this, and as you know, it will become boring very quickly.


In addition to top-notch graphics component, in Overkill 3 there is something new and eye-catching; something that would have helped to name the new shooter hit. Although something significantly went wrong and also became difficult. The game takes place in a futuristic atmosphere of the gameplay as mentioned earlier; the player is invited to improve their weapons in the battle because of the resulting currency.

On the other hand, any user who has ever played like shooters does not experience problems with acclimatization. It is worth noting that the game has room for maneuver, is a very real potential that could be realized.


In the game, there are bullet-time moments, but unfortunately they are very few, and they mostly mean the completion of the mission or contact with the control point. Perhaps if such features were abundant, it would have dramatically changed the pain would be more adrenaline and lively. Overkill 3 is not enough of that from which the gamer could say, “Wow, but it was cool!”.

Also, there is the concept of “artificial” gravity and hardcore killing in Overkill 3. In the “katabatic” state by default, the weapon is extremely inefficient, almost useless. Enough sad moments when requiring fast and precise targeting of fire, to see how all of your bullets go into the milk. We are all accustomed to the game, to heighten interest and complexity limits the player in munitions or amount of hit points. However, this happens for the first time, and it is unlikely this system can be called pleasant.


We have already mentioned the possibility to upgrade your weapons. But it is worth noting that each this update improves just a couple of percent. Even though the game liberally showers nick currency, and you can make some improvements after successful completion of the task, in practice we get virtually the same as it was. However, the game allows you to improve the armor, which is much much easier gameplay and adds your health points.

Overkill 3 looks like the victim of an identity crisis (by the way, it is possible that the economic crisis, too). It seems that the developer simply overawed by the difficulties of implementation of any innovation and decided to go for the already trodden path.


The result is a decent, a stretch, a shooter, who strongly suffers from some dubious design and game design, decisions. Even if you’re a fan of this genre, there is no guarantee that the new product will hook you.

Review Overkill 3

Overkill 3 iPad Game Review | Overkill 3 iPad Shooting Game



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Excellent graphics, gameplay places drayvovy Bored gameplay, lack of diversity, "strange" pumping system, quickly bored gameplay


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