Microsoft reportedly launches its Edge web browser on Mac

Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular web browsers on the market. The release of the Edge web browser marks the end of the classic Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Microsoft’s web browser was met with mostly positive reviews, with praise directed at its smooth performance and exciting features. Microsoft has been improving its own web browser since release in an attempt to take on rivals out there. The Edge is now faster and smarter than before and has become one of the top choices when it comes to web browsing platforms. The Redmond firm is expecting to bring its web browser to more platforms.

According to reports, Microsoft is planning to bring its web browser to Mac. Reports also add that Microsoft is adding new changes to its Edge to make it compatible with Apple’s desktop operating system. Tech experts claim that Microsoft Edge for Mac will serve as a standalone web browser on the market. Besides, there will be some exclusive features designed for the Edge in 2019. Microsoft’s move aims to bring its web browser closer to people on other platforms. Microsoft Edge is showing signs of slowdown and Microsoft needs to do something to change that. However, there is no mention of Microsoft Edge release date for Mac. Sources say that the web browser will come out in mid-2019 as Microsoft needs more time to make sure things work perfectly at launch.

The release of Microsoft Edge for Mac is expected to help boost the adoption on the market as Microsoft’s web browser accounts for only 5 percent market share. Google Chrome now dominates the web browser market with more than 60 percent share. Google has been adding new features to its web browser on a regular basis, making it more useful and smarter. The release of Edge for Mac will put Microsoft in contention with Apple Safari. In reality, Apple’s web browser is getting smarter every year when a new software update comes out. Sources say that Apple has been working on new features for Safari in 2019 when a new version of macOS releases to the public.

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