MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 and what’s new

MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 and what’s new

Apple has just released the MacOS Sierra 10.12.2, the second major update to the MacOS Sierra, which launched back in September 2016. The MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 comes two months after the release of the MacOS Sierra 10.12.1. Similar to any other updates Apple has released recently, MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 comes with a number of fixes and improvements. Besides, the new update includes support for the new Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro and tons of new Unicode 9 emoji characters.


MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 is a free update for all Mac owners who are running MacOS Sierra. You can download it using the Software Update in the Mac App Store. To help you make the most of MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 update, we have compiled a list of major changes.

  1. Auto Unlock

Auto Unlock serves as one of the most noticeable additions to MacOS Sierra. Basically, Auto Unlock offers you instant access to your Mac whenever you bring your Apple Watch close, eliminating the need to type a password. With MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 update, Apple has much improved the feature in order to make sure it works well for all customers

  1. Battery life

Aside from bug fixes and performance improvements, the new update brings in a significant change to battery life following a number of reports claiming that Mac users only get 3 hours of battery life, which runs counter to what Apple advertised.

In MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 update, Apple has removed the time remaining indicator from the Mac’s Menu bar in an attempt to avoid scenarios where Mac owners are unaware of what is eating up their battery life.

  1. Grab app has been updated

With the new update, the Grab app now supports capturing the new Touch Bar. To take a screenshot of your new Touch Bar, all you need to do is to use Shift + Command + 6 keyboard combination and your screenshot will be saved to your desktop.

  1. New emoji

Like iOS 10.2 update, MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 brings in tons of new emoji characters as well as a lot of redesigned ones. We now have a bunch of new professional emoji, animals and foods.

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MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 also comes with performance improvements and bug fixes as well as security patches.

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