List of All Cydia Tweaks

List of all cydia tweaks from A to Z for iOS 7 and iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


A – Z Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

A – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Abstergo  : Managing notifications
ActiveDock  : Make it look like the dock that of Mac OSX
AdaptiveKeyboard : The keyboard take the color of your application
Aicon : Apply Filters on application icons
Affix : A shortcut to the settings in the Notification Center
AlarmDisplay Pro  : Information for alarms, the badge of the Clock
Alkaline : Modify Style Battery
AltKeyboard : Easily insert characters from the keyboard alternative iOS
AlwaysJitter : An uninterrupted tremor icons
Animate  : Animate the banners of notifications, alerts and multitasking
Animer7 : Animate banners notifications, alerts and multitasking iOS 7
AnimateAll & AnimateAll HD  : Animate your wallpapers
AnyBrowser  : Access to the internet browser from anywhere on your iDevice
AnyLock  : Add Widgets and shortcuts on the lockscreen
AnyReminder  : Improve the function Reminders iOS 6
AppAnalytics  : Knowing the time of application usage
AppBox : A quick shortcuts on the lockscreen
AppCent  : Display% application installation
AppETA : Display details of downloads of apps
AppTray : The application shortcuts in the center of notifications of iOS
App Switcher Status Bar  : Displays the status bar in multitasking
Aqua Board – Water Effect  : The effects of water on the springboard
Archangel  3 features in one tweak Aria : Customize the music of iOS 7
Articon : Change the music icon with the album art
Assistant Language +  : Adding additional languages to Siri
Atom  : A different lockscreen, with 6 shortcuts
Attachments + for Mail  : Facilitate the insertion of attachments
+ AudioExplorer  : Extract audio files applications
AutoControl : Easing the iOS 7 Control Center
auki Answer and Send SMS quickly
Auxo : Multitasking iOS reinvented
Auxo for iPad : The iOS multitasking reinvented for iPad!
Auxo 2 : A new multitasking for iOS 7
AwesomeQuickMessages  : Send and Respond quickly to SMS
Axis : The raccouricis on Lockscreen for your favorite applications
Ayra : Having the center notifications on the lock screen

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B – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

BackupIt  : Save icon positions to deliver the latest
Background Manager  : Manage 100% multitasking iOS
Badge Customizer  : Change the size, color and position of badges
BannerBorders  : Edit borders banners notifications
BannerDisable  : The function “Do not disturb” iOS 6
Banners +  : Change the display of iPad Notifications
BatteryDoctorPro  : Increase and improve battery life
BatteryInfo for Notification Center  : A widget to check the battery
BattSaver  : Increase and improve Battery
Beacon  : An animation after a reboot and respring iOS
BetterCenter  : Change the size of the center of notifications of the iPad
BetterChrome  : New features for Google Chrome
Bio : Unlock with fingerprint sensor
BioLockdown : secures access to applications through the fingerprint
BioProtect : Protect your applications with touchID
Bloard : Having a choice of Black keypad or keyboard White
Blackout  : Having a black status bar
BlueBoard : Having a blue keyboard for iOS 7
Blurpaper : Blurring the wallpaper automatically
BlurriedNCBackground  : Blurring the center of notifications
Bookmarks + for Safari  : Edit Page on Mobile Safari bookmarks
BootSound : the OS X startup sound effects
Bounds Colors  : Change the color of the dividing lines
Brevity : Quickly send a predefined SMS
Bridge : Import music without using iTunes
BrightnessControl  : Change the brightness with a percentage
BrightnessIcon  : Change the brightness using the volume buttons
BrightVol  : Change the brightness using the volume buttons
BrowseInApp  : Open links without leaving the common application
BrowserChooser  : Change the default browser
Bulletin Pro  : Change the center of notifications
BytaFont 2 : Change the font of his iDevice on iOS 7

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C – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

CallBar : A new way to call CallTap  : Add to Contacts features fast CameraTweak  : Add functions to the cameraCamTime  : Add a timer for the camera CamText : See through your conversation SMSCarrierNM : Change the name of the operator (iOS 8) Centrex : The interface of iOS 8 control center ChargingBackground  : Display screen when the device is charging Check : Select multiple mails at once! ChooseMyFunction  : Several actions an applicationChrome Download Enabler  : Download files from Google Chrome Chromizer  : Improve Google Chrome Classic Switcher : Find multitasking iOS 6, iOS 7 ClearButton  : A button to delete the SMS Clips – Improve Copied / Pasted on iPhone and iPod touch ClipShot : Better management of screenshots Clockify  : Animate Clock widget and add the Lockscreen and NC CloseAll : Quickly close all tabs in Safari ColorBadges : Notification badges in the colors of the application for iOS Compose 7 : A quick composition widgetCoordinates for Maps  : Show GPS coordinates on the map CoverMeNot  : Doubling the status bar at the reception of a notification banner Cursor & Selection Colors  : Change the color of the selection and the sliders CustomCover : Edit the style of the album artwork on the Lockscreen Cylinder : Animations in 3D page turning! Cyueue  : Easily create playlists in the Music app

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D – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Dandelion : Adjust the brightness according to the application open Dashboard X  : Add widgets on the homescreen Dash  : A new display of multitaskingDashTweet  : Send tweets quickly via a widget Dating  : Display additional information for photos Deck HD  : A action bar on your iPad Springboard Define : A quick search in the dictionary or on Wikipedia DietBulletin  : Minimize the banners of notificationsDirectionBar  : A compass in the statusbar DisplayCandy  : Animations for closing applications DockColorize  : Change appearance Multitasking Dock and DockFlow : The 3D effects on the dock of iOS 7 DockShift : Change the appearance of the dock iOS 7DoNotDiscriminate  : Change the lockscreen shortcut iPad DownloadMove  : Move application load bar Download Reminders : Show a message when an application is installed Download to Newsstand  : Show downloads in the Kiosk

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E – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Eclipse : A Night Mode for iOS 7 Effects + : New photographic filters for iOS 7 Emblem  : Display differently notifications on iPad EqualizerEverywere : An audio equalizer ExKey : A fifth row on the keyboard iOS 7 ExPDF  : Convert and export notes to PDF

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F – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

FacebookThis  : Post photos on FaceBook from the library Fade  : A progressive display downtown notifications FakeBadges  : Customize the badges on applications FlagPaint  : Change the color of notification banners FlagPaint7 : From color to your notifications!FlashCustomize  : Edit color flash screenshots FBNoNeedMessenger : Going without the application of Facebook Messenger FlipControlCenter : Add shortcuts for system settings in DC Flusterless  : A shortcut for “do not disturb” on the lockscreenFolderBoard : The iOS 7 records full size FolderEnhancer  : Change folder viewFolderEnhancer 7 : Improve the display of folders iOS 7 FoldMusic  : your music into folders on the Springboard ForceGoodFit : Adapting applications for the iPhone 6/6 MoreFreeSpaceCam Displays the remaining time to film, based on the available disk spaceFUNBOARD  : Add animations Springboard FXOSLock  : A new way to unlock

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G – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Gesture Music Controls : Control music iOS 7 with gestures Glare Music App : Blurring the Music app of iOS 7 GlowBadge : A light behind the icons for notifications  Gotha  : New features and shortcuts to your contacts GrabberApp  : Change the camera shortcut on the Locksceen grabby  : Shortcuts on the lockscreen Grafiti  : Create and send drawings by Message Gridlock 2.0  : Arrange icons and folders without limitsGridswitcher : A new style for multitasking iOS 7 GuestMode : Add a guest account for iOS 7

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H – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Handwriting recognition  : Draw your text HomeArtwork  : Change the wallpaper by the album art of music HomeCourts  : A quick kick shortcut menu HomeScreen Contacts  – Put shortcuts to contacts on the Springboard HomeSpringPage  : Having a first empty page on the Springboard HTCLock  : A HTC lockscreen style for iPhone and iPod touchHUDChanger  : Minimize the volume indicator for the iPhone or iPod touch HUD Pro  : Edit the information on the volume indicator

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I – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

iAppLock : Protect application access with a code
 : An effect of the transition to application switching iBlackout  : Place contacts blacklisted iColorizeLabel  : animate and change the color of the name of ApplicationsIconsSB  4 buttons on the springbord to Extinguish -Respring-Reboot-Safe ModeIconsToggles  : Shortcuts for settings on the Springboard ICSLocker Pro  : HTC Lockscreen iPhone and iPod touch IDelete-MSG  : Delete all of a sudden SMS conversations iLostFinder  : Taking a picture of the thief of your iPhone or iPadInfiniboard  : Scroll vertically icons springboard Infinidock  : An infinite number of applications in the dock Infinifolders  : An infinite number of applications in foldersInfoPage  : View of top information Springboard your iDevice InstaFacebook & InstaTwitter  : Using Voice to post messages InstaSave  : Save at photos InstagramIntelliScreenX 7 : A center notifications improved on the Lockscreen iOS 7 iOSLife  : Entertainment for the Lockscreen, Homescreen and Multitasking iOS 6 Photos Menu  : To have the menu Sharing of iOS 6 in 5.x iPhone4Parallax : Enable parallax effect on iPhone 4 iTypeWriter  : Turn your iPhone into typewriter

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J – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

JalJayo : A timer for music (iOS 7) JellyLock  : A similar lockscreen for Android JellyLock7 : A Lockscreen iOS 7 similar to Android JLauncher  : A new display of multitasking JukeBox  : A widget to control music with style

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K – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

No tweak at the moment.

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L – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

LaunchSpeak  : A voice for the opening of applications LastPic  : An option to send SMS Last Shot Live Battery Indicator : Combining the logo and the percentage of batteryLiveClock  : Animate clock of the iPhone and iPod touch LivePapers  : A animated wallpaper LiveWeatherIcon : The icon of the animated real-time weather LiveWire  : Unlock with vertical animated LiveWire Pro  : Various animations unlocking Lock Screen Tool : Change the text “Unlock” on the iOS lockscreen 7 LockBar Settings : Shortcuts system on the Lockscreen LockGlyph : A new animation release LockHTML : Add widgets on the lockscreen LockScreenAirPlaneMode  : A shortcut to airplane mode, on the lockscreen LockScreenCustomizer  : Edit complement the Lockscreen Lockscreen Launcher : 9 shortcuts to your apps on the Lockscreen LockScreenToggles  : Shortcuts system on the lockscreen LockSpring  : A button on your Lockscreen RespringLockToggles  : Shortcuts system on your Lockscreen LockWeb – The web browser on your Lockscreen LockWee  : Your Lockscreen Widgets on the Luna  : Easily Enable mode does not disturbing in the Notification Center

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M – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Maximization  : Your applications in Full Screen! Menu Button Emulator : A virtual home button Merge  : Merge iMessage conversations and SMS Metaphrase : A fast automatic text translator MiniBanners  : Minimize the banners of notifications MiniPlayer  : The iTunes Music Player 11 iOS MissionBoard  : A new display of multitasking MissionBoard Pro  : A new multitasking display, pro MobileTerminal  : A control device for iOS Möbius : Slide to infinity on the SpringBoard iOS 7 MonoBar  : Keep the status bar during a callMountainCenter  : View notifications laterally center MountainLionCenter for iPad  : The Center notifications OSX ML MovementApp  : An animation application switchingMultiDialer  : To have the choice of applying to make a call multistorey  : Two floors for multitasking MultitaskingGestures : The multitouch gestures iPad iOS 7 MusicalSwitcher : Playing piano notes in the multitasking iOS 7 MusicWidget  : Control music playback without having to open the application for Music Widget DashBoard X  : A widget musicMusiex : A discreet and stylish music player MyAlarm  : Add music to your iDevice AlarmMyWi 6  : Share the 3G / 4G iPhone and iPad

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N – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

NCCalendar + : A better calendar management in the center of notifications NCEffect : A beautiful effect when opening / closing the center notifications NCFullStatusBar  : Display more information in the status bar NCPad  : Notifications on the screen of iPadNewsstandBeGone  : Disable access to kiosk (Newsstand) Nickname  : Give a nickname to contacts Nitrous  : Boost the speed of your applications using JavascriptNotesEnhancer  : Improving Application Notes with new options + Notes  : Add sharing options notes NotiPad  : Changing the Display of Notifications on iPad NotiQuiet  : Block Notifications in applications of your choice NoPowerDown  : Disable the extinction of their iPhone or iPod touch

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O – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Octopus Keyboard  : The keyboard on iOS BlackBerry OS 10
OneByOne Contact
 : Delete the contact with the finger OneByOne Safari  : Delete search history with the finger Orientation Activator  : An Activator gesture to change the rotationOstium  : Display center differently Notifications

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P – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

PagePreview : An overview of the pages of your Springboard Pages +  : A wallpaper for each page of Springboard PaperLock  : Effects unlocking PassDial : Shortcuts to phone quickly (iOS 7 & 6) PatternUnlock  : A very secure way to unlock their device PhotoExif  : View EXIF information from your photos Photo Info  : Show information advantage for photos Pinch to Unlock  : Unlock the screen by pinching Piano Passcode  : Unlock by playing the piano Plan B  : Unlock iDevice if you forget Security Code! Pluck  : Improve control music on the lock screen Pluck 2 : Fast access to music iOS 7 PodSwitcher  : Access to all of the music library in multitasking Polus : Edit Shortcuts iOS 7 Control Center PowerGuard  : A password to turn off your device PowerMusic  : Access to the music library, on the lockscreen PowerOptions  : Several options to settle the appliancePower Tap : More options extinction Predictive Keyboard  : The Android prediction words, iOS PreviewMaker  : Improve your screenshots with a contour Prime  : Color the different types of calls received Priority Hub : Organize notifications on the lockscreen iOS 7 Protecti  Protect your privacy in applications Purge : Removes one stroke applications in multitasking iOS 7 Pyx : Animations multitasking in iOS 8

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Q – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Quantum  : Change the font in notification banners QuickContacts : Shortcuts for contacts, on the Springboard QuickComposer  : The speed dial shortcuts QuickFolders : Gestures for opening files QuickMusic : Control music differently QuickPowerDown  : 4 options for the power button Quick Reply for Messenger  : Respond quickly to Facebook messages

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R – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

RainBoard  : An image rain on the Springboard RaiseToCall  : Calling a contact by bringing the iPhone to the ear RapidLinks  : Quick access to your favorite sites + Reminders  : Reminders Improve Reveal  : Show Notifications fully Revolver : Scroll multitasking iOS 7 to infinity rocketlauncher : Place application on the iOS lockscreen 7

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S – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Safari Download Manager  : Download files from Safari SafariSwipez  : Slide to close the tabs in Safari SafeHouse : Disable the security code when you are at home SaveGram : Save photos and videos Instagram SBFlip : Enable landscape mode on iOS SpringBoard 8 Scale  : Add sharing options in the Music application ScramblePass : Mix the order of the security code of iOS 7 ScreenshotPlus  : Select accurately capture areaSearchEnable  : Add search engines to Mobile Safari SearchSpotLightPro  : Add new Search functions SpotLight Securicodes  : An action for each unlock code Select  : Change the highlight color and the sliders SevenCenter : A blur notification center, such as iOS 7 ShakeAnimation  : Animations by shaking the device Sicarius : Multitasking iOS 7 3D SimpleBanners  : Edit content notification banners SimplePasscodeButtons : Simplification buttons security code SiriGole  : Gestural shortcuts to Siri SleekSleep : Lock the iPhone with the proximity sensor Slide2Kill 7 : Empty very quickly multitasking iOS 7 Slide2Kill 8  : Empty very quickly multitasking iOS 8 Sliderz  : Change the text of iOS sliders slide for use Displays the use time applications in multitasking SmallBanners : Making smaller banners Smart search : more options in Spotlight search Small4MMS  : Reduce the size of the images before sending SMStamper  : Acknowledgments on iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS iOS 5.x Snoverlay : From the snow falls on your lockscreen, and Springboard in your applications Spectral : Change the wallpaper depending on the lockscreen music played Speero  : A multifunction system for your iPad Speak Launch  : State the name of the applications that we open Spin : A new design for music on Lockscreen iOS 7 SpotLock  : Lock the device by going to the SpotLight SpotSiri  : A shortcut for Siri in the SpotLight SpringMusic  : Fast access to music Springrolls  : Animate and customize the Springboard SpringShot : A rebound effect of multitasking iOS 7 Springtomize 3 : Change iOS 7 deep StatusBarSuite : hide some elements of the status bar of iOS 7 StatusColor  : Change the color status bar StatusHUD  : Display volume control in the status bar StatusTint  : Change color of the status bar SubtleLock  : compress the date display, clock and slider SwipeAway  : Slide to remove apps multitasking SwipeBack  : Slide to turn back Swipe2Call  : Add gestures to the contacts on iPhone Switchr : A new style for multitasking iOS 7 Switchy  : Two rows of icons in the multitasking SwitchSpring : Quickly close all iOS multitasking applications 7

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T – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

TaskMaster  : Many settings and useful shortcuts in the spotlight To Tap Widgets  : 5 Speed Dial widgets in the NC TapVolumeToMute  : Switch to silent mode with the volume indicator TapUnlock  : Tap to unlock, instead of sliding Tempus  : Fast access the music library on the Lockscreen Thor  : Auto Enable Wi-Fi in applications TimePasscode : A security enhanced code TimeSpeak  : Stating the time and the current date on your iDevice TinyBar : Minimizes iOS notifications banners 7 TinyGrid + : Change the appearance of folders iOS 7 TorchNC  : A quick flash in the center of notificationsTouchBar : Disable and quickly Enable iOS system functions 7 tsSpeeder A  : Increase the speed of the iPhone, iPod touch TVLocker Pro  : A TV effect which turns off lockTweetAmplius – Tweet over 140 characters on Twitter TypeStatus  : An icon in the status bar to iMessage

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U – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Uncurl  : A new effect unlocking Unfold  : A folding to unlock the iPhone or iPod touch Uniformity : Change the color of the buttons Control Centre of iOS 7 Unlockize  : Effects of unlocking the iPhone or iPod touch Unlock7 : Unlock in the manner of iOS 7 Useful Things  : A menu with several useful functions

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V – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Velox  : Use applications without opening the springbaord Vertex : Merge multitasking iOS 7 with the Control Center Vexil  : Change the color of the elements of lockscreenVoiceSearch  : Make a Google search rapidly Voice Volume Amplify  : Increase the volume in telephone conversation VolumeCustomize  : Change the color of the volume indicator

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W- Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

WatchBoard : Watch Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch WeatherBar  : Changing the color of statusbar depending on the weather weatherboard : The weather animations wallpaper for iOS 7 WeatherIcon 6  : The weather in real time on the application Weather Clock 7 : The weather on lockscreen iOS Web Video Background : Read the background videos on Safari WS Wallpaper  : A wallpaper to how Android

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X – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

No tweak at the moment.
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Y – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

YTOpener  : Open links in a new YouTube application
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Z – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Zephyr  : Go to multitask by sliding your finger
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