Lenovo Z5 to come with bezel-less design

Lenovo is one of the big names in the industry. The Chinese firm is showing the world that it’s more than just laptops. Lenovo-branded smartphones have gained their popularity on the market, with most users praising their premium design and exciting features.

The Chinese smartphone firm has started to shift its focus on premium smartphone segment to get more profit. Lenovo was previously best known for offering cheap phones with crazy specs. The Chinese smartphone makers have their own ground on the market. Xiaomi and Huawei are among the hottest smartphone names during the first three months of the year. And, Lenovo does not want to get left behind.

Lenovo today teased its upcoming smartphone, called Z5. However, the company did not mention when the device hits the public. Tech experts say that the phone will arrive in different countries in September to take on Apple’s 2018 iPhone model.

Notably, the upcoming phone might feature a true bezel-less design, just like the current iPhone X. In reality, smartphones with bezel-less design are now among the hottest trends. Last year, Apple launched the iPhone X with no bezel. Samsung continues to use the bezel-less design on its recently-launched Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, while Xiaomi also adopted the design on its phones.

Tech experts say that the launch of iPhone X has helped boost the adoption of bezel-free design among smartphone brands. Rumors say that Lenovo’s upcoming phone won’t feature a notch at the top of the display. A notch has been an essential part of flagship phones in recent years. However, it remains unclear why Lenovo is planning to remove it.

In reality, a notch that sits at the top of the display allows users to quickly check notifications and alerts without even unlocking the device. Sources say that the upcoming device will come with a big screen with body ratio of 95 percent. A higher body ratio promises to offer a higher resolution and more details.

However, there are no words on specifications. Sources say that the Z5 phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest chip and wireless charging. That means that the device will target premium segment.

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