10 most interesting changes in iWork Update

10 most interesting changes in iWork Update

Today we will study the most impressive improvements in iwork updateWe will discuss the updates in iWork suits which is launched by US Company recently. Three applications make the iWork suit. These three applications are “numbers, keynote, and pages”. These applications are available for both iOS and OS X.
Apple did a lot of improvements and bug fixes in iOS 9 and OS X ElCapitan. The improvements are by performance and stability. It also added a feature of multitasking on the split screen. Keynote, Numbers, and Pages have a lot of new features.

What are the new updates in the latest version of iWork for iOS and OS X?

  1. Multitasking on the iPad
    It supports the multitasking on the split screen, slide over and picture in picture. This feature is presented in the iPad mini iPad 4, iPad Air 2 and the all new pro.
    multitasking with iPad
  1. Keyboard Enhancements
    There is an improvement in the keyboard as we can use keyboard shortcuts and it became a lot faster to cut, copy and paste with the wireless keyboard.
  1. 3D Touch
    The feature 3D Touch is provided into newly launched iPhones that are iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. By this feature, a user can take benefit of 3D Touch technology and this also seems in the home screen.
    3D touch
  1. Open Files
    With this feature, we can open iWork ’06 files and can edit them. We can also see the preview of the documents that are shared through the internet.
  1. VoiceOver
    VoiceOver is again a new command that is used for navigation. By this command pages, keynote and numbers can be navigated in many different ways. For example, you can search any keyword using your voice.
    voice over
  1. Split View
    Numbers, Keynotes and pages, these three applications provide a split screen feature. By this, you can perform multitasking.
    split view
  1. Force Touch
    If you have the iMac or new MacBook with Touch Force, then you can use this functionality with any other iWork application.
    force touch
  1. Sharing is caring
    This is a feature to share your private data securely. iWork applications now consist an option called single view. This option is used to share documents from one user to another without giving permission of any changes. It provides a secure way to share our private data with the help of iCloud documents.
  1. Handoff
    With this feature, we can exchange documents effortlessly. We can transfer documents like Pages, Keynote and Numbers among iPhone iPad and Mac.
    handoff ipad
  1. File Format updated
    Sometimes when we send a file format via Dropbox or Gmail or some other way, it may cause of any disaster. Hence, Apple has developed a new file format for all iWork applications. By this update, it became easier to transfer the documents without any catastrophe.

So these are the ten features, or we can say ten most exciting changes that are included in the iWork update. We have discussed only ten updates, but there are many more updates other than these ten so if you know any other update that is again fascinating then you can write it down in the comments. Thank You.

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