iTunes not recognizing your iPhone/iPad? Here is how to fix it.

iTunes not recognizing your iPhone/iPad? Here is how to fix it.

You usually synchronize your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iTunes, but for some reasons iTunes does not detect your iOS device. In this article, we will show some ways to fix the issue that iTunes does not recognize your iOS device when you connect it to your computer.
How to fix iTunes not recognizing the device on Mac/ Windows PC

  1. Upgrade iTunes

If you are using an old version of iTunes, the version may not be compatible with your iOS device. When Apple releases a software update, the iTunes will also be updated to support that software. Try to download and install the latest version of iTunes

  1. Upgrading your computer

If you are using an outdated version of OS X or Windows, you might not install some drivers, which help your computer connect with your iOS device via iTunes. You should check the software updates for OS X from the tab ‘Mac App Store’s Updates’, and for Windows from Windows Update in Control Panel.

  1. Your iOS device is not activated

If your iOS device is now turned off, this is also the reason why iTunes cannot recognize your device. Make sure to keep it active while plugging it into your computer.

  1. Trust your computer / device

Each time you connect a new iOS device with your computer, both computers and iOS devices will show a message asking to trust the device. You have to trust both to ensure a secure connection. If you do not click “trust,” you are not able to synchronize the device on the computer until the Lockdown folder is reset.

  1. Security software prevents the access to USB port

You should check the security software on your computer to make sure it does not block the access via USB ports. This usually comes from security software of third parties.

  1. Too many devices connected

Try unplugging other devices from your computer, and use the direct USB port instead of an USB hub. In some cases, these devices can prevent a good connection with iTunes.

  1. Problems with cable connection or USB port

Try other lightning cables or another USB port to connect

  1. Restart your device/ computer

Try restarting your computer, as well as iOS devices. Sometimes a driver may not work properly on your computer and restarting can help the drivers work effectively again.
How to troubleshoot additional issues (On Windows)
Windows has a few additional steps that you can use because it is a more open operating system than OS X. Here are some ways for Windows users to fix the issue that iTunes cannot recognize the iOS device

  1. Device Manager identifies device

Open the Windows Device Manager on your computer and look for your USB drivers to identify the appearance of any warning symbols. Some unusual symbols may appear due to the software conflicts.

  1. Enable the your USB driver

From Device Manager, when you see a down arrow, that means the USB drivers are disabled. Right click to enable it to resolve the issue.

  1. Make sure your USB driver is not broken

If you see a warning icon or question marks by the USB driver from Device Manager, you need to reinstall the USB drivers. Right click the driver and select the Reinstall.

  1. Check your hardware connections

If you have recently installed a new USB driver in your computer, or are using a new USB hub, you need “Scan for hardware changes” from USB drivers in Device Manager. This will allow Windows to configure new equipment and perhaps it can fix the connection of your device with iTunes.
If iTunes cannot still recognize your iOS device, you should contact with Apple support center for the warranty.

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