Share review – is this a scam or real service? review – is this a scam or real service?

I decided to write this article I don’t want people to get scammed as I did. I had an iPhone locked to AT&T and I needed to get it unlocked. This is my (boring) story

Part 1: Getting scammed by eBay charlatans!

These people on eBay are a joke. They try and lure you in with unlocking codes for as low as 5 to 10 dollars and then just send you an email telling you how to jailbreak your phone, but the hilarious thing is, I bought an unlocking code off eBay for an iPhone 7, and the jailbreak PDF they sent me was dated 2009 and only went up to the iPhone 4 on there! I tried to get my money back off Paypal but they weren’t interested as it was a digital good and I had received the PDF. Never mind the fact it was useless but whatever!

Part 2: How did I get on with

I decided to do a bit of research and look around for a real service as I didn’t want to keep falling for a scam time after time!
So I entered various keywords and this site was appearing top spot on Google time after time – this is a great sign. It means Google has given preference to this site over others, so this really filled me with confidence about their service. They had a load of reviews on my feedback sites, Trustpilot, TrustReviews, bloggers etc and their pricing seemed at first to be decent. Not only that, they had video feedback from real clients too (admittedly they gave them 25% off their order to leave these videos, but some of their services are rather expensive – I pity those of you who are on T-Mobile, 130 bucks for an unlock, wow!)
I paid the 28 bucks and waited. 2 days later I received an email telling me my phone was in a contract and it had been rejected in normal service – had I been scammed? No! I had already read their site in more detail after purchasing and noticed on the AT&T page it said that I would be subject to an additional fee. After wasting 30 bucks on scam services from eBay and cheap “codes” which didn’t even work I didn’t mind paying this additional fee. I upgraded to premium and within 48 hours I received the email I had been waiting for – my iPhone was finally unlocked!
So I guess I’m joining those other happy people on the net and leaving my 2 cents worth about this company, they aren’t a scam, they are real, just be sure to read the conditions of each network on their website before making a purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Wow, you are saing to submit an iPhone in iPhone IMEI NET is necessary to upgrade to premium?


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