iPhone XS review: The best iPhone ever made

Many people wonder why iPhone XS is considered one of the best phones on the market despite its unchanged design. In general, the speakers and camera of this phone have been upgraded, while both the battery management and chipset are far more powerful. However, you should consider carefully whether it is worthy to purchase, as, from the outside, it looks identical to iPhone X while the price remains very high again.

Many users are still confused about the pronunciation of this iPhone version. Actually, it is called “10-S like some might misunderstand. In this article, let’s see together whether the new XS version is convincing enough as the hottest product of Apple at the moment.


iPhone XS

From September 21, iPhone XS and its siblings have been on sale in almost all countries over the world. This version of iPhone costs about the same as iPhone X last year, but still expensive. Respectively, the price for a 64GB, 256GB and 512 GB iPhone XS is $999, $1,149 and $1,349. In the severe competition among big names in the smartphone market at the moment, iPhone XS is now still in the list of top costly phones you might purchase.

Key features

iPhone XS

Compared to the last year “X” version, iPhone XS doesn’t have many changes apart from its faster speed and some better features. Obviously, it is still an advanced version of iPhone, but to the average users, those improvements are not worth the upgrade. Nonetheless, many iPhone addicts can be strongly attracted by XS’s new golden color. Users can also consider the two other color-related options of silver and Space Gray as alternatives. Apple’s color designs, as always, are very elegant and classy at the same time.


Apple’s new A12 Bionic is proudly announced to be one of the most powerful chips for smartphones. That basically means your iPhone can be optimized for better efficiency and power. For people who just use their phones to surf on the Internet, make phone calls and send messages, “more power”  does not really makes a difference. But when it comes to augmented reality, your phone will need more transistors. iPhone XS is more intelligent compared to its former versions also in terms of the new mix’s “Neural Engine”. The handset allows your phone screen to recognize things more effectively. For example, your photos can be automatically edited for the better quality, or Animojis can also be added to your conversation when you are making a FaceTime call.

Through tests, iPhone XS proves that it is the most powerful iPhone model that Apple has ever made, with more than 1,000 scores, higher than the former X version. Another advantage brought by the A12 chipset lies in graphical performance. Users can enjoy better experiences with iPhone games such as Elder Scrolls.

Although there have been plenty of improvements for this new version of Apple’s iPhone, many users are still unsatisfied with some features of iPhone XS. First and foremost, the battery power for this smartphone is not outstandingly ranked on top of the world. For people who want to use phones for long periods of time, it is truly a disturbance to interrupt their work to charge their phones. Secondly, as we mentioned before, the design of this iPhone version has not changed since the last year. If you are not an Apple addict, you cannot easily differentiate an iPhone X and an iPhone XS. And last but not least, the price of iPhone XS is still one of the reasons that make users hesitate to purchase it.

iPhone XS is still a great choice for Apple addicts because it is now the best phone. But if you are not a fan of Apple, just think about the price and the insignificant upgraded features before placing your order

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