iPhone X sales hit 60 million units, Say Sources

Last year, Apple debuted the iPhone X to celebrate the 10th birthday of its iPhones. The X was the most expensive iPhone model at launch as it set you back $999. The iPhone X marks the introduction of a lot of new things ranging from a curved OLED display to Face ID. However, Apple struggled to sell the X on the market during its first weeks of availability due to its staggering price tag. However, things have changed so much since then and the iPhone X now dominates the smartphone market. According to Apple, the X remains the most popular iPhone model out there. Specifically, the Cupertino firm shipped over 16 million X units in the first quarter of the year. Sources say that the X will report strong sales at the end of this year thanks to discounts and promotion programs.

According to the latest sources, Apple has shipped more than 60 million iPhone X units after 10 months of availability. Some reports claim that the iPhone X shipments hit 30 million sold in the US, making it the best-selling phone in the country. In China, the Cupertino firm has sold 30 million iPhone X units so far. In reality, China is one of Apple’s biggest international markets as the company has been trying to bring more iPhones to the Chinese smartphone market to get more profit. Back in 2016, Apple launched the iPhone SE in China and quickly received millions of registrations.

However, the company is having a hard time selling its smartphones in India. According to the latest reports, Apple iPhone X accounted for only 1 percent of all smartphones shipped around the country. This makes sense as Apple is facing an intense competition with the Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, or Huawei. Reports say that the Chinese firms are now dominating the Indian smartphone market. Xiaomi is selling millions of smartphones in the country. Both Samsung and Apple are struggling to sell their flagship phones in India. Sources say that the iPhone X’s staggering price tag prevents users from buying it outright. However, things may change in the coming months as Apple just unveiled the iPhone XR, an affordable iPhone model. With iPhone XR, Apple is expecting to boost its sales performance in India this year.

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