iPhone SE 2: What we know so far

Last year, Apple officially announced the iPhone SE following months of endless rumors and reports. The iPhone SE marked Apple’s return to the small phone segment after the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The SE is a phone that sports an identical design to the 5S, but includes some hardware upgrades that help it stand in line with the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone SE was specifically made for those users who were expecting a smaller-screened iPhone model with high-end specs and beautiful design. However, the SE failed to live up with expectations, forcing Apple to lower the price and launch the device in developing markets.

The SE is a great success in developing markets like India, where customers can get the phone for around $300. Some recent reports claim that Apple has been working on the second generation iPhone SE and will launch the phone in early 2018. That seems plausible, as the original SE was released in March 2016.

In this article, we will give you a sneak preview of Apple’s upcoming “mid-range” phone. Let’s see what Apple will bring to the second generation iPhone SE.

  1. Fusion chip

Last year, Apple upgraded the hardware on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, embedding the company’s most powerful A10 Fusion chip inside the pair. Apple A10 Fusion chip offers an impressive performance ranging from playing heavy games to handling multiple tasks. This year, all new iPhone models are expected to have Apple’s latest 10-nanometer A11 chip, so there is a good chance that the iPhone SE will come with the A10 Fusion chip at launch.

According to tech experts, the A10 Fusion chip will allow for a much-improved performance on the iPhone SE 2, since the device is believed to stick with a 4-inch screen with lower pixel density. Apple claims that the company’s A10 Fusion chip delivers better CPU performance (40 percent) and higher graphics performance (50 percent).

The second generation iPhone is expected to have 3GB of RAM, but Apple only uses 3GB of RAM on its high-end models like iPhone 7 Plus. So, it would be reasonable to hear that the iPhone SE 2 will stick with 2GB of RAM at launch.

  1. Cameras

The iPhone 7 didn’t receive a huge camera boost like its sibling, iPhone 7 Plus. However, the device still ranks among the best camera phones on the market. The second generation iPhone SE is expected to feature the same camera setup as the current iPhone 7. This means that we will have a 12MP rear shooter on the back with an improved f/1.8 aperture sensor, allowing for better low-light photos. On the front, there will a 7MP selfie snapper.

Besides, the camera on the iPhone SE 2 is expected to feature the quad-LED True Tone flash, the same camera technology we have already seen on the iPhone 7. There will be also support for Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for better picture quality.

  1. Display and 3D Touch

3D Touch was once the selling point of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple removed the feature from the iPhone SE at launch back in 2016. However, we are expecting that the second gen will feature this high-end tech.

Apple’s 3D Touch has received mostly positive reviews from users and tech experts worldwide. Basically, 3D Touch provides users with Quick Actions, making what they do most even faster and easier.

When it comes to the device’s display, the second generation iPhone SE will likely sport a Full HD display with higher pixel density. Noticeably, the new device is expected to include support for True Tone display, just like the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro.

  1. Battery life

Apple has been working on improving battery life on its iPhone models in recent years. This year, the iPhone 8 is expected to include a much-improved battery life, since the upcoming device will bear premium features like high-res display or face recognition. It would be reasonable to expect that the iPhone SE 2 will come a boost in battery life.

Some recent reports claim that the second generation iPhone SE will feature a 1624mAh battery, giving users more time to browse the web or play some games. According to sources, Apple will remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the iPhone SE 2 next year, just like how they did with iPhone 7.

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