iPhone SE 2: Everything we know so far

Back in 2016, Apple made waves by announcing the iPhone SE, following months of rumors and speculation. The iPhone SE is a 4-inch iPhone model that sports the same design as the iPhone 5s while adding more power to hardware. The device failed to live up with expectations when it hit the market, forcing Apple to lower the price and launch it in emerging countries.

Apple’s move raised concerns among the iPhone using community about a second generation iPhone SE. Rumors about the second-generation iPhone SE have started to heat up since the launch of the iPhone X, showing the world that the Cupertino company has not given up on the device.

For some background, the iPhone SE was among the best-selling phones in India last year. Some recent rumors say that the second-gen iPhone SE will be manufactured in India and launch in the country only. This article walks you through everything we know so far about the iPhone SE 2.

What we know so far about the iPhone SE 2

  1. A10 chip

According to recent reports, the second-gen iPhone SE will be powered by A10 chip under the hood. Many people found these reports to be somewhat plausible as the original iPhone SE used the A9 processor found in the iPhone 6s.

The A10 chip now powers iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, offering excellent performance ranging from playing the games to handling heavy tasks. Tech experts say that the iPhone SE will feature a new A10 chip that’s more power sufficient.

  1. Glass back and wireless charging

Last year, Apple removed its aluminum body, instead re-adopting a glass-back design found in iPhone 4. Glass back design offers premium look while delivering comfortable hands-on experience.

Tech experts say that the re-adoption of glass back design on the SE 2 might pave the way for wireless charging, just like the iPhone 8/8Plus. Rumors say that all 2018 iPhone models will feature wireless charging functionality, which helps reduce battery charging time. There is a good chance that Apple will continue to use Qi charging technology on the SE 2, just like iPhone 8/8Plus and iPhone X.

  1. Release date and price

Some recent rumors claim that the second-generation iPhone SE will enter mass production in the first three months of this year. Back in November 2017, rumors also said that the iPhone SE 2 would launch in the first half of 2018 and be assembled by Wistron at its factory in India.

Last year, Apple introduced the original iPhone SE at an event on March 21, so there’s a good chance that the SE 2 will see the same release date this year.

When it comes to pricing, the SE 2 is likely to be Apple’s most affordable iPhone model this year. Rumors say that the device will be priced at around $450 for the base model. Last year, the original iPhone SE started at $399 for a 16GB model.

Tech experts say that Apple will remove the 16 GB iPhone SE 2 model in favor of 32GB model. Last year, Apple killed 16GB iPhone SE, instead doubling the storage capacity of the device.

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