iPhone demand is now weaker than anticipated, Says Apple

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market. However, Apple had a hard time selling its iPhone models in 2018 due to weak demand for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. In reality, the 2018 iPhone lineup is not a significant upgrade over its predecessors. However, when we look inside, there are tons of new things that are worth your shot.

According to reports, Apple is seeing a low demand for its newest iPhone models on the market. The reason behind this lies in the higher price tag. In reality, the iPhone XS Max is the most expensive iPhone ever released to the market as it costs up to $1500 for the maxed-out model. Apple CEO Tim Cook today said that the company is reporting lower demand for new iPhone models in China. Tech experts say that Apple is struggling to compete with local brands in the country as they are selling cheaper phones with crazy specs. In reality, Huawei and Xiaomi now dominate the Chinese smartphone maker with millions of units shipped every quarter.

Besides, Apple is dealing with iPhone sales ban in China after a court ordered a ban on almost all iPhones due to patent infringement. Indeed, Apple and Qualcomm have been in intense dispute as the American chipmaker claimed that Apple had violated many of its patents. Cook says that people are not buying as many iPhones as the company expected. In reality, the release of the iPhone XR aims to bring iPhone models closer to customers, but the device lacks a few important features and carries a high price tag. The iPhone XR had a good start as it received millions of pre-orders ahead of the public release. However, the demand for the device is now low on the market.

According to the latest reports, iPhone XS and iPhone XR were among the most popular phones in the US. It seems that Apple is doing pretty well in the US as carriers and retailers are offering great deals on Apple iPhones. Sources say that the 2019 iPhones will help Apple boost its sales performance.

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