iPhone 8 wireless charging components to be provided by Taiwanese Company Lite-On

Last year, we heard a lot of stories claiming that the next iPhone 8 might feature long-range fast charging. Many found these stories somewhat to be plausible, as Apple will celebrate ten years of iPhone. According to the latest sources, Taiwanese Company Lite-On will be providing Apple with fast charging components used for this year’s iPhone 8.


The Taiwan-based component maker has recently entered Apple’s supply chain, proving half the orders for GPP bridge rectifiers which will be used in the next iPhone’s wireless charger. For those unfamiliar, Lite-On is a long-time Company which specializes in manufacturing consumer electronics and components. Its products include LEDs, semiconductors, monitors, DVD and CD devices.

Besides, Apple is believed to have strong partnership with Energous, a US-based provider of wireless charging technologies. According to tech experts, Apple’s partnership with Energous allows the iPhone 8 to come with a high-end wireless charging technology that is capable of charging up to 15 feet away from the source.

The current iPhone 7 Plus takes nearly 3 hours to be charged from 0-100 percent when charged with a 2A charger, which is much slower than major Android-based smartphones in the market including OnePlus 3 and Google Pixel XL that include the ability to hit 100 percent charged in around 1.5 hours.

However, fast wireless charging may put the iPhone at risk for overheat, so Apple may be planning to deal with this issue to avoid possible incident, which saw Samsung cease the Galaxy Note 7 production last year. OnePus’s Dash Charge is the only charging technology that includes the ability to charge up your phone, while dealing with heat issues.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be introduced in September this year. Apple has long been rumored to release three iPhone models this year including one premium device with OLED display which will be sold alongside two standard 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models.

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