Is your iPad is not Connecting to Wifi? Here is a Solution

Now-a-days internet connection or network connectivity has become the necessity to all your devices because most of the device’s operations are only conducted through the internet. So imagining a big screen device such as iPad without an internet connection is a nightmare, this problem ranges from not connecting to Wi-Fi or your iPad connected to the wifi but, there is no internet connection on it & dropping off the connection to slow or sluggish speed.

So if your iPad won’t connect to wireless network, no problem this how to guide will surely take you out of this mess.

But before chasing to any solution first be sure about your iPad’s iOS Version, because it has been reported that previous iOS versions have bugs regarding the connectivity. According to a report  iOS 8.3 release notes, it includes several Wi-Fi related bug fixes. So make sure that you are running on the latest iOS version with your iDevice. To ensure this Go SETTINGS->GENERAL->SOFTWARE UPDATE.


Let’s get rid of this problem:- Solve iPad Not Connecting to WiFi Anymore

  1. Check for the Wi-Fi setting in your router.
    Most of the router support for an additional setting to turn ON/OFF the Wi-Fi module. That means your Ethernet connection will work properly, but none of your Wi-Fi devices will connect to the network. So make sure your Wi-Fi setting of the router is turned ON.
  2. Check the Wi-Fi setting of your iPad.
    Many of the users reported that it’s their iDevice which is the culprit, so go to SETTINGS->WI-FI & select the Wi-Fi to which you are connected. Now tap on Forget this Network, this will make that gateway a new one. After that re-enter your password & try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi.
  3. Check for your lease.
    For lease[in this case] the IP address for a certain amount of time, this can also be a reason for your issue. You can easily renew the IP from the Wi-Fi setting. Just go to SETTING->WI-FI->[YOUR ACTIVE WI-FI CONNECTION]->RENEW LEASE 
  4. Reset your network settings on iDevice.
    One way to solve your problem is to reset you network settings which will flush the cache, DHCP info & any other saved data. This will also remove your saved password, so be prepared for that. Go to SETTINGS->GENERAL->RESET->RESET NETWORK SETTINGS.Read More: Fix Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Issue on your iPad Air 2
  5. Disable the Wi-Fi service setting.
    Many of the network related issues get solved by this method, so you can check this out. Go to SETTING->PRIVACY->LOCATION SERVICES->SYSTEM SERVICES & turn off the Wi-Fi networking. 
  6. Check for the customs DNS setting.
    Sometimes the problem is not from your end, maybe your Internet Service Provider(ISP) has issues in their Domain Name Server(DNS), so change it to custom DNS of Google( or OpenDNS. For this, go to SETTINGS->WI-FI-> [YOUR ACTIVE WI-FI CONNECTION]. Now change the DNS number with DNS).
  7. Reset your router.
    Many times it’s the fault of your router, so try to reset it, maybe it is unable to communicate over 2.4Ghz frequency because nowadays 5 Ghz frequency is used by new routers.
  8. Reset your iDevice.
    At last if none of the above remedies solves your issue then just reset your iPad which will set all the settings to its default. But take a backup of your device via iTunes before taking this step.

So this is all about solving your Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your iPad or Your iPad is connected to the wifi but, there is no internet connection on it, I hope that one of the above methods will solve your problem & if not please get back to us with the comment section below. Thank You.

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