How to Update iDevice from iOS 9.x Beta to iOS 9 Official

Update your iPhone 6 or iPad air 2 to iOS9 Final from iOS 9.x beta

iOS 9 is now available for download, and surely many of you have updated your iPhone and iPad to the latest version of the system. There are users who have already installed the beta of iOS 9.1 and looking for the possibility to install the downgraded final version of iOS launched in September. Well, today this is possible, and we will tell you how.
With iOS 8.3 Apple launched a public beta program, and last week company roll out the first beta of iOS 9.1 to users, but most of the users now want to go back and install the current version of iOS 9 which is just launched in September.
Many of our readers are willing to know the answer to this question, so today we will explain step by step procedure for installing iOS 9 from iOS 9.1 beta on iPhone and iPad launched in September.
Let’s begin!
Beta product is always a testing phase for the organization & if you have issues with that, no problem it is super easy to install the new version of iOS launched in September but it is possible that some relevant information get lost in the process, so initially we have made the backup.

  1. Make sure you had the backup to iCloud and synchronization is activated.

backup process
For this enter into Settings -> iCloud -> Storage and ensure that you have the “backup to iCloud” enabled, along with the various important data which you want to be stored, such as contacts, memos or notes. You cannot save the data related to the health and activity, since Apple does not.

  1. Turn off the Find My iPhone.

find my iPhone process

Go to Settings -> iCloud and switch off the “Find My iPhone or iPad” if you have it enabled. In this process, it will ask the password for your Apple ID to verify that you are an authentic user.

  1. Perform a full backup in iTunes.backup to itunes processConnect the device to your Mac or PC using the cable and open iTunes. Perform a full backup for any application you’ve purchased i.e. transfer it to the computer and don’t ever lose it. Because, if for some reason after passing this upgradation you want to go back to iOS 9.1 Beta you can recover all your data and applications from this backup.
  2. Put the device in recovery mode.
    Now as you have backups in case something goes wrong, it’s time to get down to work to move from the Beta of iOS 9.1 to iOS 9. iTunes does not allow devices to quickly go back to an earlier version of the system, so you have to follow a series of steps.
    First you put the iPhone or iPad in recovery mode, which is achieved as follows:
    recovery mode process
  1. Switch off the device.
  2. With the USB cable connects your device to a computer with iTunes.
  3. Hold the Home button when you connect your device to the computer cable and let it down until you see “connect to iTunes screen”.
  4. When you see on the [screen of the device + iTunes logo Lightning Cable], release the Home button. Otherwise, repeat the first three steps back.

  • Restore the iOS device to factory settings.
    restore and update process
    Once you have the iPhone or iPad in recovery mode and connected to iTune, you will receive a message with the option to restore and update. Clicking Restore, last official version of the system (in this Case iOS 9) will appear. Follow the steps that appear on the screen and wait for the restore process to be complete.
  • Last steps to configure your device.

configure process
Once your iPhone or iPad has been successfully restored, now you have two options, one “set it up as a new device” or “restore a backup” you have in iTunes or iCloud. Attention! The backups of iOS 9.1 will not be compatible, and are only used for returning to iOS 9.1.So this all from our side, these are very simple steps and in a few minutes you can have your iPhone or iPad migrated from iOS 9.1 Beta to the official version of iOS 9, new version of the operating system. Once again thank you and we hope that this will make worth to you. Please share your views, support or issue with us through the comments below. We are waiting to listen from you guys.

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