iOS9 vs Android M: which platform is better?

iOS9 vs Android M: which platform is better?

What do you think which one is better Apple 9 or Android M? Let’s find out

Recently, Apple introduced the ninth edition of iOS, while Google has shown a new prototype of Android, code-named [M]. Both OS are under live now, and users are already being cross swords in disputes.
Previously, it was simple: if you want royal platform created by perfectionists – buy iPhone or iPad. If you need ultimate freedom to choose the device and the ability to fine tune the system, look in the direction of Android. But now such stereotypes can be sent to retirement.
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That is, updating the operating system of smartphones from both manufacturers do not charge a fee. So, iOS9 users can look forward to all iDevices with iOS 8, but in the case of Android M we do not know the full list of models that will receive this update.
The exact release date of both systems is unknown. The release event of iOS9 is expected in September this year – a few days before the premiere of the new iPhone 6s. But if we talk about Android M, it is less well known, but it is believed that the operating system will appear, along with the new flagship from the family of Nexus with approximate release date – October or November.
It must be remembered that the debut of the new Android does not mean that all users are getting it. It is predicted that the first update will be available for Nexus owners only, and new smartphones will have an update towards the end of the year or in early 2016.

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Let’s talk about the Testing

Putting public access to the operating system is a fairly new practice by Google. It all started with Android L, which was the first “open” version of the Android OS & hence Android M also decided to repeat the same thing. Users can try out the new version of android family on Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus Player 9, along with some of the phones from Sony Xperia family. In the coming weeks, you may receive the support of other models.
As for iOS 9, it is available for Download via OTA or Manual 
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Moving ahead to the Compatibility

The previous smartphones and tablets from Apple, which are receiving the iOS 9 update, will not be available to accommodate some features due to hardware limitations. For example, Apple Pay cannot be used on devices without NFC chip, as well as it’s not possible to authorize the transactions in the App Store from fingerprint Touch ID.
Users of smartphones and tablets with a small amount of flash memory will appreciate the fact that the forthcoming iOS 9 will occupy only 1.3 GB of space. If despite of this, the space still will not be enough for the time of installation, so the system will remove some part of the application, and upload them again after the completion of the process.
One of the fact is that, Apple is responsible for both the preparation of the iOS and for the manufacturing of iDevices, on the other hand, Google only provides the Android OS to its partners. The only device which will affects the company is the Nexus family of smartphones and tablets.
Nexus is the product by which Google is in cooperation with manufacturers such as Asus, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC. These smart phones and tablets comes with the “Stock Android” or we can say “pure Android” without any modifications by the manufacturers. Other than this, the process of preparing the updates depends on the manufacturer, also the phones are sold with a contract with the mobile operator.

What’s new in iOS 9

In the case of Apple’s operating system one of the most important innovations is the voice assistant “Siri”. With the updated iOS 9, Siri gets the updated design, contextual reminders and new ways to find photos and videos. Assistant now provides the most current information & offers which are suitable for this moment of action. It is similar, with the Google’s personal assistant “Google Now” on Android.
Many changes are incorporated in iOS 9 for the tablets. iPad now comes with the Slide Over” gesture to maintain the concurrency with another application without closing the first one. Quick-touch takes you to the Split View”, to work directly with the two applications side by side. And with the “Picture in Picture” users can continue to chat on FaceTime or watching videos without leaving your favorite application.
With the release of iOS 9, “Maps” will be added to support subway schedules, as well as information on the exact location of inputs and outputs, including each stage of your route. While using “maps” users can perform customization by combining a trip on the subway, commuter trains and buses to hiking, also a new feature allows users to find nearby restaurants, bars, shops and much more.
New updates to the “Notes” application allow you to quickly make sketches with your fingers to create checklists and follow up on cases, as well as take pictures without leaving the application.
In general, with the release of iOS 9, battery life is increased by one hour, along with added a power saving mode for even a longer battery life.
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New features in Android Marshmallow

The Android M also has a new feature for saving energy – Doze, smartphone sensors will determine when the gadget is in standby mode, and so the prolonged absence of telephonic traffic will unload most applications from RAM. This increase battery life up to two times in standby mode.
On Android M, settings can be changed in the options menu, for drop down list of notifications so that users can set which items will be displayed here. A nice addition is the ability to remove applications from your desktop.
As Google says, the main goal of Android M is to improve the user experience with a smartphone, which will make the interaction easier and intuitive. To this end, the system reduces the number of permits that an application prompts during installation, but you can permit the access to that application whenever you use it. Similarly, it is implemented in iOS.
Android M will support fingerprint scanners at the operating system level. Now user will be able to unlock the device, even buy apps on Google Play. Other features of the fingerprint scanner will depend on the developer end.
Among other innovations in the Android M worth noting the possibility of direct transfer of files like AirDrop, simplified volume control, improved copy and paste text, a new multi-tasking. OS supports USB-C, which is recently implemented in the 12-inch MacBook.

Apple Pay and Android Pay

One of the innovations introduced in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, is a NFC chip. However, it is not suitable for work with NFC-tags and data exchange with other devices. Apple this initiative is used only for the implementation of contactless payment transactions via Apple Pay which is already working in the United States, and from mid-July will be in the UK.
The Android M will be available for the first time with the similar service, along with similar name and purpose. Google’s payment system, “Google Wallet” was not much successful hence Google launched a new project called “Android Pay”. Its premiere will be held in the United States – the service should start in the next few months. About the roll out of Apple Pay and Android Pay in Russia is still a mystery.


It is too early to draw conclusions about the upcoming operating systems from Apple and Google, but subjectively, both platforms are looking more alike. Android is gradually taking something for that iPhone and iPad users have always valued in iOS – aesthetics, simplicity and convenience. In turn, iOS increases functionality and customization. The Beta program from both platforms increase the degree of competition between Apple and Google. Yet users are more likely to buy the device name, not the icons and crawfish. And of course the trump card in this struggle will be announcements of Android-smartphone and a long-awaited premiere of iPhone 6s. And it’s the curiosity which is beyond expectation.

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