iOS 9.1: Do you love it or Hate it?

iOS 9.1: Do you love it or Hate it?

More Emojis , Better Battery life, faster work around and more new features in iOS 9.1

The latest iOS version 9.1 is about to celebrate its first two weeks of life among users. The last major update of the operating system launched by Apple brings some very exciting new features that surely you’ll love.
Apple has already been working on iOS 9.2, in fact, has already released the first beta for developers and public. But for a while we have to live and use iOS 9.1, a version that is not bad, I must say.

What’s new in iOS 9.1 you’ll love.

In addition to correcting several errors in previous versions, iOS 9.1 has been accompanied by several new features. Here we have some of the highlights, which are probably more users liking. Let’s go there!

Some of the innovations that will make you fall in love with iOS 9.1

If you still have iOS 9.0.2, and you’re wondering if it’s worth upgrading to iOS 9.1 read on because maybe after seeing these features it brings to convince at the end. But, not every smartphone user loves Apple Products. But, still we are confident that these updates dazzle to some users.

1. Lots of new Emojis!

Raise your hand if you do not use any emoticons throughout the day while talking with friends and family via instant messaging apps. There were already many Emojis, but, still we need more to express easier and better. In iOS 9.1 Apple has included a total of 150 new emoji, including a unicorn, new food, and the expected middle finger gesture and a lot of new faces and much more.
The trouble is that those who have a previous version iOS 9.1 or a version of Android not support them can not see them.

2. Performance

iOS 9.1 offers exceptional performance to devices that have been upgraded to this version. There seems to be a severe battery drain, and there appear to be problems with the operation of applications and the system in general. So you could say that iOS 9.1 is the most stable version, it has even improved the speed and performance in older models.

3. Create amazing videos with iMovie

A few days after releasing iOS 9.1 Apple released an update to iMovie with significant innovations. One of the main ones is the ability to create and share movies in 4K resolution for the iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.1.
This model or that tablet can not record video in 4K with his camera, but from now on you can edit and create videos with this resolution through iMovie. Perfect to unleash your creativity and create videos of high quality then show the rest of the world.

4. Live Photos

Ok, this feature came with IOS 9 and were exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. What it does is create a moment before, during and after a photograph to create a short video that can then be shared with other users of iOS, or use as wallpaper. With iOS 9.1 Apple has improved on the iPhone Live Photos 6s and allowed the device to detect motion at the beginning and end of one of these images.

5. Apple News

Okay, if you live in Spain you do not love this new lot, basically because it is not yet available. But if you live in Australia or UK iOS 9.1 includes the Apple App News, and you can enjoy it forever keep up with your favorite pages and not miss anything.

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