iOS 12: What we expect from Apple's major iOS update

Last year, Apple officially released iOS 11 to the public following months of rumors and reports. iOS 11 was not a significant upgrade at launch, but it is getting better over time with new features and changes. At this year’s WWDC, we are expecting to see the unveiling of iOS 12, the next major software update. Apple has not confirmed the date for the event, but it might take place in June.

We have started to hear rumors of new features and changes coming in iOS 12 this year. Some recent reports claim that iOS 12 might include a lot of never-seen features. This article gives you a sneak preview of iOS 12’s new features.

  1. Bug fixes and performance boosts

Like any major iOS software update, iOS 12 will come with fixes for bugs and errors found in its predecessors. In reality, we have heard some of the issues iPhone and iPad owners are facing with iOS 11 ranging from issues with Wi-Fi to app crashes.

iOS 12 is also expected to add performance improvements to older iPhone models. Some recent reports claim that iOS 11 updates cause crashes, laggy performance, and frame drops to some older iPhones.

  1. Universal apps

One of the best things when it comes to Apple devices is that they cooperate together. Apple has been working hard to make sure that everything runs smooth across its devices. With iOS 12, Apple is hoping to make Mac and iOS devices work together seamlessly.

Rumors say that Apple might introduce Universal Apps, a single set of apps that work together across all Apple devices. This means that you might use a lot of exciting iPhone and iPad apps on your Mac.

  1. Multi-user calls support for FaceTime

FaceTime video chat is one of the highlights of iOS, allowing you to keep in touch with your friends and family. However, there is something missing from FaceTime that prevents it from being the top app in iOS.

iPhone and iPad owners are dying for multi-user video call for FaceTime. Several reports claim that multi-user calls support will hit FaceTime in iOS 12 this year, but the feature will come as a beta at launch. Tech experts say that multi-user calls support will help FaceTime stand in line with Skype, which is now the leading video chat app on iOS.

  1. Release date

Last year, Apple announced iOS 11 at its WWDC event. At this year’s event, we are expecting to see the announcement of iOS 12. Apple has not confirmed the exact dates for the event, but sources say that the company will announce the dates next month.

Like any other major update, iOS 12 will be available for developers for testing purposes following the launch event. iOS 12 will see the final release in the fall alongside new iPhone models.

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