iOS 12 reportedly running on 80% of all active devices

Apple iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems on the market. Apple releases a new version of iOS every year with a slew of improvements and changes. Last year, Apple finally announced iOS 12 after months of leaks and rumors. In reality, iOS 12 retains what we have loved since the days of iOS 11 while adding tons of changes to the OS.

Apple has been busy expanding iOS 12 to more devices since release. The latest reports claim that iOS 12 is now installed on 80 percent of all active devices out there. iOS 11, on the other hand, is still running on 12% of all active iPhones and iPads on the market. Sources say that iOS 12 will hit 100 percent adoption by the end of 2019. Reports also say that around 12 percent of iPhones and iPads are running older versions of iOS out there. Tech experts claim that iOS 12 is highly optimized for older models like iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 Plus. However, a lot of users still stick with iOS 9 or iOS 10 on the market.

iOS 12 has seen steady growth since release.  And, Apple will release more updates to iOS 12 in the coming months. Reports say that the Cupertino firm will announce the next generation iOS at its WWDC event in June. We have heard a lot of speculation that iOS 13 will come with a lot of new things like better Siri, improved Emoji Search, and better support for third-party apps.

Apart from iOS 13, Apple will announce the latest software updates to its macOS, watchOS, and TvOS at the event. Besides, we are expecting to see the unveiling of new hardware products like a cheaper HomePod, a new MacBook, and a new iPad. In reality, Apple rarely releases new hardware at WWDC, but we are expecting to see something new at this year’s event. Sources say that iOS 13 will come pre-installed on new iPhones which are set for September release. The Cupertino firm will launch beta versions of iOS 13 shortly after the public announcement.

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