iOS 11 and five best features for iPad

iOS 11 is finally here and Apple undoubtedly has some big changes coming in its new version of iOS, including a redesigned single-screen Control Center, smarter Siri, a new app drawer in Messages app and much more.

Basically, iOS 11 doesn’t deliver a significant update to the operating system like iOS 10, but iOS 11 finally brings long-awaited updates and new features to iPad, which was completely ignored in iOS 10. iOS 11 includes a number of features for the iPad, promising to offer smoother performance and make your daily tasks even better.

In this post, we have compiled a list of five best iOS 11 features for your iPad. Before we begin, keep in mind that iOS 11 is now available in beta stages, so you may experience some bugs and glitches. We recommend you make a full backup of your iPhone or iPad before trying to install iOS 11 developer beta on your device.

  1. New Dock

iOS 11 introduces a new customizable Dock on the iPad. Basically, the Dock offers quick access to your most frequently used apps and documents. In iOS 11, you now can add more folders and apps to the Dock for quick access. Besides, you can remove an app from your iPad’s Dock and add it back to it.

While in an application, you can access the Dock by swiping from the bottom to top slightly. This allows you to quickly switch to another application on your iPad. Double tapping the home button will bring up multitasking pane and new Control Center.

  1. New Multitasking system

Apple was previously rumored to improve the iPad multitasking system. Today, the Cupertino Company made that official. Multitasking functionality was first introduced in iOS 9, and it’s exclusively available on the iPad. In iOS 11, Apple introduced a brand new multitasking system that makes what you do most even better.

Now, while you are inside an app and you want to do something else, you just swipe up from the bottom to access the Dock and quickly open an app. If you want to go side by side with a couple of apps, drag an app from the Dock on to the screen and release your finger.

  1. New App Switcher

iOS 11 introduces a brand new App Switcher. Now, you simply need to swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to access the App Switcher. From here, you have the multitasking pane, Control Center and the Dock, all consolidated into a single screen. To close an app, you now need to tap and hold until you see the X button and then tap on it.

  1. System-wide drag and drop

In iOS 11, you can easily drag images, texts, and links from one app to another while you are in Split View mode. For example, if you are now running the Photos app and the Mail app side by side, you can easily drop a photo into your email by simply using the drag-and-drop gesture.

  1. A new Files app

iOS 11 introduces a new File apps, which offers access to all files you have stored in iCloud Drive and in other third-party storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. The best part is that you can easily drag and drop a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive into your email (when you have two apps open side by side).

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