iOS 11.4 beta 1: New and hidden features

Apple has just released the first beta of iOS 11.4 to developers for testing purposes a few days following the public launch of iOS 11.3. Like any other software update, iOS 11.4 comes with a number of bug fixes and system enhancements. However, when we look inside, there are several exciting features that will be available in the final release.

In the section below, we have compiled a list of hidden features in iOS 11.4. Before we proceed, note that iOS 11.4 beta 1 is now available for developers who have already registered for Apple’s developer program. You can get the update via Apple’s developer site or over the air on your devices.

Keep in mind that iOS 11.4 is now in early stages, so it may include bugs and errors that may ruin your day.

  1. Messages on iCloud

Back at WWDC event in June 2017, Apple announced an exciting feature called Messages on iCloud. As the name implies, the feature allows users to sync all their messages across all their iOS devices. However, Messages on iCloud was nowhere to be found when the final build of iOS 11 released.

In the third beta of iOS 11.3, Apple brought back the feature, which received a wide welcome from users and tech experts. But, Apple removed it from the final release of iOS 11.3 for reasons still unknown.

In iOS 11.4 beta 1, Messages on iCloud is back and allows users to keep your photos or files in iCloud. Tech experts say that Apple needs more time to work on the feature ahead of the final release.

Messages on iCloud feature is a great addition to iOS 11. The coolest part is that you can free up space without having to delete anything. All you need to do is to open the Messages app and you will get the option to enable the feature.

  1. AirPlay 2 multi-room support

AirPlay has been an essential part of iOS 11 for years, allowing users to quickly move files between iOS devices and Mac. With the release of HomePod, AirPlay plays an important role in transferring audio from your Mac to the smart speaker.

AirPlay 2 was included in previous iOS 11 betas, but was cut from the final release. One of the best features of AirPlay 2 lies in multi-room support. With AirPlay 2, you can wirelessly play your audio to multiple devices with playback controls in iOS Control Center.

According to early testers, multi-room support works pretty well in the first beta. iOS 11.4 is still in beta stages, so it remains unclear if Apple will include the feature in the final release. Let’s wait and see.

  1. HomePod stereo

HomePod marks Apple’s first steps in the smart speaker market where Amazon and Google now dominate. With iOS 11.4 beta 1, you can add another HomePod speaker to create a stereo pair, meaning that you can play your music tracks in two speakers at the same time.

According to testers, stereo support won’t work until HomePod gets new beta software update. Tech experts say that stereo support for HomePod will hit the final release of iOS 11.4 this year.

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