Installing Apps on iPhone & iPad, Via Bypassing the App Store

You don’t need Jailbreak to always master iPhone Potential. Sometimes you need Xcode. A method which will bypass Appstore and install Apps on iPhone, iPad without iTunes

The ninth edition of the Apple’s operating system that is, iOS9 has brought us the opportunity for flawless innovation with the iPhone and iPad. As from now on iOS 9 has been supporting the function of “Sideload”, with this sideload feature, anyone with a non-developer account can download any applications on the device, bypassing the App Store.


Under the new rules from Apple, the seventh version of the Xcode is integrated with the development environment which allows you to load your app on iPhone and iPad.

Today we’ll show you how, using the Xcode tools package 7, you can install the software on devices running iOS 9, but keep in kind to load only those applications that you trust. If the source code is open – check out what functionality it performs. Did you alert the advanced applications of potentially dangerous actions, for example, access to the root certificate or the collection of personal data? Remember that all the actions you do will be at your own risk.

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Step 1: Create a developer account

Initially, you need to create a developer account. It will not have the full range of accessibility, but it is absolutely free and is equally sufficient to install applications to bypass the App Store. For this purpose, we recommend you to use an additional Apple ID in any case.


In order to register a developer account, you need to go on a special web page at Here, click on the upper right corner of the tab that is, “Member Center” and then click on “Create Apple ID”. After filling all the necessary data to complete the registration, you will gain access to activate the account.

Step 2: Download and install Xcode 7

For further actions you need to download the development tools Xcode 7, it can be found in the App Store. After downloading the program, launch it and complete the pre-configuration. When all the preparations are completed, follow this path: Xcode -> Preferences -> Accounts. Click on the [+] and add your Apple ID, specifying the email address and password.


Step 3: Search for applications

Target “GitHub” – the largest repository of applications with open source access to get a test application. For the testing purpose we will use an application by Gamma Thingy, designed to change the color scheme of the iPhone screen. In the lower right corner of the page you will see a small GitHub field containing the URL-address to access the application. Now you just copy it.


Open the Xcode 7, go to Control Source -> Check Out. Insert a previously copied link into the repository and click “Next”. The program loads the application’s source code on Mac along with importing it to Xcode 7. After that the system will perform all necessary operations, and finally you will see the inscription ”Ready”.

Step 4: Load application to the device

Connect your iPhone [running iOS 9] to the computer. Select the paired device from the dropdown list on the top of the application. Keep in mind that the processing of files on the device will take some time. Do not turn off the Mac or don’t remove the plug from the socket.


After all the processes are completed, the status bar icon appears “Ready”, announcing the completion of the process. Now press “Play”, to start the process of structuring a subsequent installation. When you see the application icon on the home screen of your iPhone that means you’re done. Now run it and check that everything is working properly.

NOTE: -To use Sideload-application on the device, you must go to Settings -> General -> Profile and click on the trust.

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