Improve battery life on iPad Pro

Improve battery life on iPad Pro

Ipad Pro series are excellent tablets of Apple, they own many smart features and outstanding specifications. When you own an iPad Pro in your hand, we make sure you will spend all the time to test the performances, graphics, entertainments, and install apps you like. However, for general psychology, it is not up to the mark as advertised.
The first thing we intend to notice in this article is the battery life on iPad Pro. Apple claims that the battery capacity can meet the demand up to 10 hours, but if you feel it is not as expected, you should not worry so much. Here are some tips you should try if you do not feel satisfied with the battery life on your iPad Pro.

  1. Indexing

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It is not really important whether you set up your iPad as new or restore from a backup. It will take at least one or two days to index your entire app’s data. The process will consume quite much power because CPU has to work on its top capacity. Therefore, give some days for you iPad Pro to complete indexing and then you can test the battery life.

  1. Restart your iPad Pro

This sounds stupid but restarting your iPad Pro can close some background apps, which may eat up your battery without any productivity. Restarting your iPad will put all apps in their place and clear all temporary caches and files, improve battery performance significantly.

  1. Take a rest for your iPad

It is very great when playing games or entertaining on a 12.9-inch super tablet, but using it all day will cause tiredness for both: you and your iPad.
Note down the battery percentage, take a rest, and leave your iPad Pro for at least a couple of hours. Then check the battery percentage again, if it has decreased by one or two percent, it is fine working. However, if the battery has drained more than normal, you should try to continue reading below

  1. Try some statistics

There are not many users who care about this ‘statistics’ feature on iPad, but if you feel your battery drains so fast, use this feature to check the battery usage. Go to Settings → Battery, here you will find the list of apps along with the battery consumption. If you find any apps you do not use but it drains your iPad battery, double tap the Home button and then remove the apps.

  1. Do not use your iPad Pro at full capacity

You paid much money in order to own an iPad Pro and you expect to use on its full capacity. You keep all features enabled for your best experiences but that means it keeps draining the battery. Here are some basic things you should do if you do not use them.

  • Reduce the brightness, a massive 12.9″ screen will consume as much battery as it can
  • Turn Background App Refresh off. By doing this, you can control app running in the background
  • Check the device signal. If your device is running on a poor LTE connection, switch from LTE to 3G connection and reduce the activity of Radio.
  • Turn off Lock Screen Notification if you do not use them much. Go to Settings → Notifications
  1. Reset your iPad Pro

It is a pity when starting everything from scratch on your iPad, reset the iPad to the factory setting. Just re-install apps you really need, do not download unnecessary apps that can keep using your CPU and battery. You can restore from the previous back up, but it might bring the bugs, which you tried to get rid of.
Above are some tips that can improve your iPad Pro battery. If you find other tips that help the battery better, share your comments with us below.

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