How to Use iPad as a second monitor for PC/Mac

How to Use iPad as a second monitor for PC/Mac

iPads are great devices in Tablets PC market. With a beautiful design as well as the powerful internals, many users come to love and choose iPad for the first choice. It provides users with multi-tasking feature (thanks to iOS 9) and favorite TV shows and movies, but there is an amazing feature you might not know. It is probably set as a second screen.
Unfortunately, there are no good free options for this. Splashtop offers a free app, but it only works for 5 minutes, and you will need to spend some cash to upgrade to the pro version . There are a number of options, with similar price tags, but Duet Display ($19) is the best option for you use the tablet as a second display.
How to Use iPad as a Second Monitor for PC/Mac with Duet Display

  1. Download Duet Display on both your iPad and computer

To set up iPad as a second monitor, you need to download and install two apps: one for your iPad, and one for your Mac/Windows PC. You can grab Duet Display for iPad here, and the free app for computer here.
You will also have to prepare a lightning-to-USB cable, as Duet Display does not work over Wi-Fi to avoid that wireless introduces some lag, while a wired connection is pretty darn smooth.

  1. Connect your iPad to the computer

Next, launch the Duet Display app on your computer, then open the Duet Display on your iPad. You can see the image below when you do.
Plug your iPad into your computer via the lightning cable you prepared. Your iPad will light up with an extension of your Windows or Mac desktop. Move your mouse from the right of your desktop, over to the iPad. Here, you can touch the iPad to simply control Windows or OS X.

  1. Adjust Your Display Settings

When your desktop has been working, you need to adjust a few settings to get the optimal experience.
First, you should adjust settings of your computer’s display. By default, Duet Display on your iPad is to the right of your computer, but you can put it on the left to adjust your settings so that your mouse works properly. For Windows users, just right-click on the desktop and choose “Display” to access the display, for Mac users, head to System Preferences > Displays.
Next, click on the icon in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) to open Duet Display’s settings by
From here, you can adjust a number of other display settings. You should keep Frame rate at 60 FPS and Performance at High Power for better display, but you can lower both in case your computer is not powerful enough to handle them, or if the high display consumes too much battery power.
As for resolution, try other options and see what works best for you. For Window laptops, 1366×1024 resolution is suitable.
Once you have tweaked things to your wants, you can start using your computer and enjoy the increased productivity of two monitors.

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