How to use iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad

Apple has officially released iOS 11, the next version of iOS operating system. On the face of it, iOS 11 might not seem like a significant update. But there are a lot of new things that add up to a much better user experience. Basically, iOS 11 makes what we have loved since the days of iOS 10 much better, while introducing hundreds of new features.

To help you get the most out of Apple’s new version of iOS, we have compiled a list of the best iOS 11 tips and tricks. Before we proceed, note that iOS 11 is still in beta, so you may experience some bugs and glitches. We recommend you install iOS 11 on a secondary device to avoid possible issues.

The best iOS 11 tips and tricks for your iPhone and iPad

  1. Customize the Control Center

With iOS 11, Apple has completely revamped its Control Center, offering a much easier way to control your iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino Company has removed the mess in iOS 10 in favor of a simplified Control Center that offers everything you’d need ranging from wireless options, music controls, do not disturb, brightness and volume.

The best thing when it comes to iOS 11 Control Center is that you can customize it, meaning that you can add what you want to include in Control Center and remove what you don’t. To do this, launch the Settings app from your home screen, hit Control Center and select Customize Controls.

  1. Smart Invert

iOS 11 introduces a dark mode feature called Smart Invert, which is hidden inside the Accessibility section. Once enabled, the feature automatically inverts colors of the iOS user interface without reversing the colors of your content. Here is how you can turn on Smart Invert in iOS 11.

Step one: First off, you need to launch the Settings app from your home screen and then hit General to proceed

Step two: Once you are in, tap on Accessibility and then select Display Accommodations

Step three: On the next screen, hit Invert Colors and turn on the switch for Smart Invert.

  1. Type to Siri

If you find a bit inconvenient to speak to Apple’s virtual helper, Siri in public places, you will be happy to know that iOS 11 now allows you to type to Siri. In reality, the ability to type to a personal assistant is not something new, as Google has already baked it into the Assistant.

Once you have enabled “Type to Siri” in iOS 11, you will be able to type out your queries to Siri. Apple’s digital personal assistant will quickly respond to your questions. To enable “Type to Siri” in iOS 11, head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and turn on Type to Siri.

  1. Get more storage

With iOS 11, you now have more efficient methods for freeing up your storage. If you head to the iPhone Storage section in the Settings app, you will notice that there are several new options like offload unused apps, auto-delete old iMessage conversations and more. Besides, you can also enable iCloud sync for your messages, so you can regain a considerable amount of storage space.

  1. Zoom in on Apple Maps

Apple has been working on improving its mapping service for years. With iOS 11, you have got a new way to zoom in or out in Apple Maps. Now just simply double tap with your finger or thumb (make sure that you keep it pressed down on the screen). After that, you simply need to move your finger or thumb up to zoom in or move it down to zoom out.

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