How to Use FaceApp’s Viral Old Age Filter

How to Use FaceApp’s Viral Old Age Filter

In recent days, if you’ve been on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or any other instant service, you will see some creepy photos of people morphed into younger and older versions of themselves. This new phenomenon, dubbed the FaceApp Challenge, has swept social media over the past several days. Tons of people, including lots of celebrities from the rapper Drake to the famous chef Gordon Ramsay and the pop group the Jonas Brothers have been using the app to see how they might age.
If you want to try using FaceApp to see how you’ll age, you can do so by following some steps below.


This is a mobile app for both IOS and Android that uses artificial intelligence and neural network technology to generate wildly realistic transformations of your face. The app can use photos from the library or you can take a photo within the app. Besides, it also has many creepy-cool filters that turn faces young and old, others that add smiles and glasses, and even one that allows you to preview yourself with different hair colors.


Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you get started using the app.

  1. Download the FaceApp from the App Store and then launch it.
  2. After that, you will see a live view of your camera with a head-shaped overlay. The overlay disappears when the app detects a face. 
  3. When you’ve got the framing just right, tap the shutter button.
  4. The app will process the photo and it will take a while. Moreover, you also can browse around in your library to find any photo, and then tap on it to select the photo from the old age treatment. 
  5. When processing is complete, swipe through the filters and choose one. FaceApp will immediately begin to apply the filter.
  6. Tap the save button(looks like an arrow pointing downward toward a line) or tap any of the share icons to share your new creation.

Your new photos will now be generated and now you can tap on the Layout button to make a comparison between the original and the filtered image.
However, there are many posts going viral on Facebook and other social media urging users to approach the app with caution because of its privacy policy. To use this app, you must grant the app access to the photos on your phone – just like you have to with Instagram or a billion other apps. There have also been concerns that the app was made by a Russian developer, sparking fears that the data shared with the app could be sent to the government there. However, the app’s developer said this week that the app deletes the data after a couple of days.

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