How to fix iPhone/iPad stuck on verifying update screen

System update in iOS devices might come with many risks, especially when delivered over OTA packages. Although iPhones are considered as friendly smart devices with users, they can face some severe issues very often. For example, your devices might get stuck on ‘Verifying Update’ screen while attempting to update to the latest iOS version. If the device displays ‘Verifying Update’ on the screen and get stuck there, which  means you cannot use any function, and go further inside your iOS device. In this article, we will show you some simple ways to fix this software issue in case your device face with similar problem
You should have an internet connection in order to connect your iOS device to a network. Moreover, your device should have enough free space to store the update
How to fix iPhone stuck on verifying update
Sometimes, your iPhone can make your confused. If the screen shows ‘Verifying Update’, and it takes slightly longer than usual, that does not mean your iPhone is stuck and you are just unable to do anything on it. What happening here is that your iOS device is trying to contact with the Apple servers and download the updated iOS files. A network connection is necessary to check the server, and after everything is done, your iOS device will start downloading and installing the updates.
Now on your device, you should verify whether the iPhone/ iPad you are trying to install the update on is stuck or not. If not, simply just wait for your device to check on with the servers. It will take a short or long time to process the verification depending on your region and internet connection speed. In almost of the time, a ‘Verifying update’ message gets resolved automatically and the update starts downloading. Only 2% are the cases where we need these solutions.
Ways to fix iPhone stuck on verifying update screen
If your device is really stuck, you can try the following fixes for your iPhone/ iPad:

  • Press Power Button:

The Hone button will not work if your device is stuck at the verification process. That time you just press the Power button to lock the screen and press it again to unlock your iPhone/iPad. Repeat this step for few times to check whether there is any progress on the update or not. This solution seems to be unusual, but pressing the Power button trick has work well. Try 5 to 7 times if there is no effect on the first time.

  • Restart your iPhone/iPad:

If pressing Power button does not help you, and your iPhone/ iPad still gets stuck in the ‘Verifying Update’ screen, you should try rebooting your iPhone. Since the regular rebooting way will not work, so you have to force reboot. Press and hold down the power and home buttons together until your phone reboots.

  • Restore using iTunes:

If nothing works even doing the above-mentioned  steps, you should restore your iPhone/iPad by using iTunes.

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