How to fix 10 common problems on iOS 9 (P1)

The iOS 9 update brings new features but it has also brought some issues to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. In this article, we would like to show you how to fix the common issues from iOS 9.0 to iOS 9.3.3.

  1. Fix Installation issue

The installation issues including frozen downloads and preventing users from futhur update after installing the iOS 9 update on their iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch. Fortunately, there are fixes for this issue.
If your iOS 9 download and installation are locked up, just press and hold down both the Power button and the Home button for 10 seconds.

  • Fix ‘Slide to Update’ issue

You can easily fix the issue by unplugging your device from the computer and iTunes. It is a simple solution if you are unable to do anything when displaying the “Slide to Update” option.
If that does not work, you should take a look at Apple’s official fixes for the frustrating problem on iOS 9.

  1. Fix iOS 9 touchscreen issues

If your iPhone’s screen stops responding after upgrading to a new version of iOS 9, do not be panic.
The solution is just to hold down the Power button and Home button at the same time. Wait for the phone until it finishes rebooting and then you can use your screen normally.
If it does not work at first time, try again until it works. It may take 3-4 resets for your screen to start working again.

  1. Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Problems

The iOS 9 update brings an impressive battery life boost to the iPhone. Many users reach to an extra hour of battery life, while others notice abnormal battery drain on their device.
Battery issues are always common issue for iOS devices, particularly after a major system update like iOS 9.
If your iOS 9 battery life is not what you think after installing iOS 9, wait a couple of days for the update to settle. Things will improve after two days or so.

  1. Fix iOS 9 Wi-Fi issue

The issue about broken Wi-Fi in iOS 9 is one of the most common iOS problems. Fortunately, there are some fixes that could help you solve your iOS 9 Wi-Fi issues.
Just go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
This process takes a few minutes to complete and after it is done, your device will forget Wi-Fi passwords, make sure you have the password handy.
If that does not solve your issue, forget the Wi-Fi networks and reconnect to them. Go to your Settings > Wi-Fi > Select your connection > Tap Forget this Network and then reconnect if you can.
If those fixes do not work, unplug your router for some minutes, then plug it back.

  1. Fix Touch ID issue

Many iOS 9 users complain about issues with Touch ID. Some users say that the update has caused problems with the accuracy of TouchID, while others say that their fingerprints no longer work to open their device.
These issues might need a direct fix from Apple, but there are solutions you can try if Touch ID starts acting up.

  • Fix Touch ID Failures

If Touch ID suddenly stops working, try set up your fingerprints again. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Enter your Passcode.
On the next screen, swipe from the right to the left on each fingerprint to delete them. When this completes, tap on Add a Fingerprint… to add your Touch ID.

  • Fix TouchID if it does not work at all

If it stops working, try resetting the phone by long-press the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds until the phone restarts.
If that does not work, try a factory reset, as this has been known to fix Touch ID problems. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

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