AirPods missing? Here is how to find them

Apple AirPods are among the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds on the market. First debuted back in 2016, the AirPods received mixed reviews as some may not like Apple’s move away from its traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. Like their predecessors, the AirPods allow iPhone owners to listen to music and reply to phone calls. However, the biggest difference lies in their physical user interface.

The AirPods don’t come cheap out there as they now retail for $159 in the US, a steep price for a pair of wireless headphones. While the AirPods features a stylish design, one major drawback is that you may lose one of them. Luckily, Apple is fully aware of this and it built a feature called the Find My AirPods.

In reality, Find My AirPods is part of the Find My iPhone functionality, allowing users to locate their missing earbuds in case they misplace one of them. In the section below, we are going to show you how to retrieve your lost AirPods. Before we begin, make sure you now have a modern version of iOS on your iPhone.

  1. How to find your lost AirPods with Find My AirPods

Once you have enabled Find My iPhone, then the Find My AirPods automatically turns on, allowing you to find your earbuds. Here is how.

Step one: First off, launch the Find My iPhone apps on your iPhone and then tap on AirPods from the list

Step two: Next up, your AirPods should show up in the map. If you see a green dots, this means your earbuds are now nearby

Step three: Now just simply tap on the Play Sound button to increase the sound so you can track them. Follow the sound and locate your missing earbuds.

  1. How to locate your AirPods (when they are offline)

If your AirPods are now offline, then don’t worry as we have you covered. In reality, you should see the last location your AirPods were connected to your iPhone. Here is how.

Step one: Fire up the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone and then select your AirPods

Step two: You should see a grey dot, indicating that your earbuds are now offline. However, you should see the last location on the map and then tap the Car button

Step three: Now follow the instructions to retrieve your AirPods.

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