How to boost your iPhone's speaker volume

Apple iPhone serves as a great tool for entertainment, ranging from playing games to watching videos. Starting with iPhone 7, Apple introduced a stereo speaker system that offers much-improved audio quality and increases dynamic range. However, there are reasons to still use a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to boost your music experience.

There are several ways to make your iPhone speakers louder, without the need for Bluetooth speakers or headphones. In the section below, we have compiled a list of the best tips to increase your iPhone speaker sound. Before we proceed, make sure you now have a modern version of iOS installed on your device.

  1. Turn your phone upside down

If you notice that your iPhone speakers don’t get very loud as expected, then make sure you turn your iPhone upside down. It sounds a little bit weird, but it seems to the simplest way to boost your iPhone’s speaker volume if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker nearby. All you need to do is to open music on your iPhone, turn your device upside down and lean it up against something.

  1. Use your hands

If you do not want to turn your iPhone upside down, then you can use your own hands to volume up your speakers. This comes in handy for those who want to listen to music or watch YouTube videos in landscape mode. To do this, you simply need to cup your hand over the speakers. This will amplify the sound and you should hear everything clearly.

  1. Late Night EQ

If you frequently listen to music in the shower, then we have an exciting tip for you. All it takes is using your finger. If you need help, you can follow our steps below.

Step one: First off, launch the Settings app from your home screen and then hit Music

Step two: Once you are in, hit the EQ option under the PlayBack section

Step three: Now just simply select Late Night

Note that the above-mentioned tip also works in third-party music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

  1. Put your phone in a cup or a bowl

One of the simplest tips to increase your speaker sound is to put your phone in a plastic cup or a bowl. However, make sure you keep your phone pointing downward to volume up your speakers.

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These are 4 ways to make your iPhone speakers louder. Hopefully, they work for you. If you have got a favorite, make sure you share with us in the comments below.

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