How To Automatically Silence Unknown and Spam Calls in iOS 13 on iPhone.

Spam and other wanted calls, especially the telemarketing and fake debt recovery calls can become a real nuisance and even cause of stress for many smartphone users these days. It’s really annoying to attend such calls when you’re in your private space or when you get such calls during midnight while sleeping.
Thankfully, Apple announces a new feature in iOS 13 that allows users to automatically silence unknown and spam calls on iPhone. iOS 13 is now only available as a developer beta, but Apple says the public beta will be arriving in July. Although many users don’t want to use this feature for some reasons, many other people are waiting for this kind of stuff on their iPhone.
So, let’s see how you can do this on your phone.

How to Silence Unknown Callers in iOS 13

1.Launch Settings on your phone

2. Swipe down and tap on the Phone option

3. Scroll down to the section titled Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts and tap the toggle next to Silence Unknown Callers

This is it! Now, calls from “unknown” numbers will automatically be sent to voicemail, so you won’t have to deal with telemarketers, robocalls, and other annoyances.
This is a fantastic feature and offers a much better user experience compared to manually blocking numbers as well. However, when there arrives an emergency and you didn’t notice the unwanted call as it creeps in voice mail, there might be some issues.

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