Steps to Disable Apple Music from your iPad, iPhone and Mac

If you don’t like Apple Music, you can disable it by hiding it from the Music application on iOS and iTunes on Mac and Windows PCs: here’s how

At the end of the free trial period of Apple Music, you will decide whether to renew the subscription or return to the use of the classic  “Music” app. If you realize that the service is not for you. Although there is no way to get completely rid of Apple Music, if there is no renewal activated on your Apple Music. You can still hide the service by all devices, thus eliminating all the cards that at the end of the three-month trial they will become unusable.

How to Disable Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

As for iPhone and iPad, you will not have to do

go to Settings > Music, and turn off the switch to the first entry “Show Apple Music“. NB If you leave active switch Music Library iCloud – explains iDownloadBlog – despite the deactivation of Apple Music all downloaded tracks for offline listening will remain still available.

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Note: Offline Music Remains as usual in your iOS Devices -> Disable iCloud Music Library

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Before Apple Music Removal on iOS 8

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After Apple Music Removal on iOS 8

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How to Remove Apple Music from Mac and Windows

On Mac and Windows PC is instead just remove the check on “Show Apple Music” in Preferences > General iTunes. However, in this case, hiding Apple Music, the Music Library will be turned off automatically to iCloud, which will remove all the songs Apple Music from the computer, including those downloaded for offline listening.


Hiding Apple Music, disappear panels “For You” and “News”, instead showing only cards Music, Playlists, and Radio Connect (if you have not disabled). In practice, the app will return to being like that we knew until iOS 8.3, with the addition of Radio panels and Connect which respectively allow even listen to the radio or Beats1 stay informed about the latest news of their favorite artists.

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How to Disable iCloud Music Library from OSX and Windows

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How to Disable Apple Music Auto-Renewal (Save your Money)

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