Here is how you can save battery life when playing Super Mario Run on your iPhone

Super Mario Run has quickly turned into a craze since it made its debut in iOS on December 15. Despite its limited availability, Super Mario Run hits nearly three million downloads four days after release. According to reports, the Nintendo’s game reached 900.00 downloads, three times as many as downloaded Pokémon Go on its first day of availability. However, Super Mario Run hits only iOS and there is no words on when this year’s most anticipated game is going to arrive in  Android smartphones.


Like any other games on smartphones, Super Mario Run ranks among the culprits that drain your battery life quickly. Nothing is worse than the fact that you lose your progress when your phone is out of battery. So it is best now to preserve your phone’s precious battery life. In this guide, we will show you how to do that on your iPhone.

Steps to save battery life when playing Super Mario Run on your iPhone

There are several tips that you can use to extend your gaming session on your iPhone. Here are all of them

  1. Set graphics to low

Despite the fact that Super Mario Run is not a high-graphics game, setting graphics to low serves as the best way to not only save your battery life, but also improve your gaming performance. To do this, you can open the game, head to the Menu button and hit the Settings button. Once you are in, you simply tap on Options.

On the next screen, all you need to do is to set Rendering Settings and Graphics Settings to Low. Once you are done, exit the Settings and enjoy the game.

  1. Lower Power Mode

In iOS 9, Apple introduced one of iOS’s most anticipated features, Lower Power Mode. Basically, the new mode will automatically be activated each time your phone hits 20 percent charged. Using Lower Power Mode could be a perfect way while playing Super Mario Run, as it temporarily reduces mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects, thereby allowing you to get one extra hour of battery life. To enable it, head to Settings > Battery> Low Power Mode.

  1. Switch to Wi-Fi

Super Mario Run requires you to stay connected to play the game, so we strongly recommend you use Wi-Fi instead of cellular network to save more battery life.

These are three tips you can use to save battery life while playing Super Mario Run on your iPhone. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips help you stay connected to the game as long as possible.

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