Here is how you can download Vine videos from your archives on Vines for Mac

Here is how you can download Vine videos from your archives on Vines for Mac

Vine is one of the most used video-hosting services in the world with more than 200 million active users. Users can publish their videos through Vine’s social network and share them on other services including Facebook and Twitter. Vine is one of the tough rivals that challenge Instagram and Mobli.


Twitter-owned video-hosting service today announced that the current Vine app will shut down on January 17 and become the Vine Camera app that allows users to create looping six-second videos and upload them to Twitter. According to Twitter, users will not be able to download their old Vine videos once the app has been discontinued, so we recommend you download all of your videos before they disappear.

In this guide, we will run you through the steps to download all Vine videos from your archives on Vine.

Steps to download Vine videos from your archives on Vine for Mac

Step one: First off, you need to head to here and log in to your Vine account to proceed

Step two: Next up, click on the big “Download Your Vines” button at the top. Alternatively, you can head to Settings page at

Step three: Once you are done, all you need to do is to locate “Download your Vines” and select the “Download Archive” to start the video archive download.

For some quick background, you will still be able to browse Vines on the Vine page, which will be turned into an archive of clips. If you are big fan of Vine, you should start downloading your Vine videos before it’s too late.

Once the download is finished, you will find the zip archive which contains all the archives in your default downloads directory. All you have to do is to unzip the archive and load an index.html file. Once you are done, you will find all of your videos here.

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