Here is how to use Apple Pay on Mac

With MacOS Sierra, Apple has finally brought its mobile payment and digital wallet service to Mac, allowing users to make purchases on the web using Safari. Apple Pay for Macs requires an iPhone equipped with Touch ID and support for Apple Pay to authenticate payments made on the webpage.


However, Apple Pay is now limited to some retailers around the globe, so make sure that your merchants adopt Apple Pay. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Apple Pay on Mac, so you can make purchases without even leaving your room.

Steps to set up Apple Pay on Mac

Before we proceed with how to use Apple Pay, you first need to set up and manage Apple Pay on your computer

Step one: Launch Safari app on your Mac and select Preferences

Step two: Once you are in, all you have to do now is to check the box next to Apple Pay

If you are now using a MacBook with Touch Bar or Touch ID, Apple Pay allows you to authorize your payments directly from your keyboard. However, this requires your credit card to be added to the Apple Pay. To do this, you can use the steps below:

Step one: Head to System Preferences and select Wallet & Apple Pay

Step two: Once you are in, all you have to do is to press the “+” button to add your debit card or credit card to your Apple Pay

Step three: You are now supposed to enter your card information. Once you are done, agree to the card’s terms and conditions

Step four: You will receive a notification from your card provider, informing that Apple Pay is now ready.

Steps to use Apple Pay on your new MacBook Pro

Step one: First and foremost, you need to launch the Safari on your iPhone or iPad. After that, head to the retailer website that supports Apple Pay

Step two: Select the item you want to buy and complete the checkout

Step three: Once you are done, all you have to do is to tap Pay with Apple Pay. Make sure that your shipping and billing address is correct before moving ahead

Step four: You now need to use Touch ID to authorize the purchase. Place your Touch ID-registered finger on the Touch ID button on the Touch Bar to confirm your payment via Apple Pay.

Steps to use Apple Pay on older Macs

If you are not using a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you still can buy anything online using Apple Pay. Here is how you do it

Step one: Launch Safari on your computer and go to the retailer website that offers Apple Pay

Step two: Complete your checkout and tap Checkout with Apple Pay

Step three: Next up, all you have to do is to select Pay with Apple Pay. Make sure that you enter correctly your shipping and billing information

Step four: Use Touch ID on your iPhone to authorize your payments.

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That’s it! Do you use Apple Pay on Mac to make online purchases? Share with us in the comments below.

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